How to Grow My Natural Hair

What Is Natural Hair?

So, you may not have the slightest idea what natural hair is, but don't worry I am going to break that down for you.

Natural hair is hair whose texture hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners, it is any hair in it's true form, that is, it is hair that is just the way it grows out from the scalp. No relaxers, no dye, anything that changes the original form of the hair has not been applied.

The Problem With Natural Hair Well, not everyone has problems with their natural hair, but some people undergo various difficulties with their natural hair. Some are too strong that they even break the combs, some are just so disobeident they don't understand the words; ''lay down'', some put hair stylists on the run, and some have all these problems put together! wow.

Why I Am on the Natural Hair Journey So many people, celebrities included have gone on the natural hair journey., Gone are the days when relaxers were celebrated. Some people are of the opinion that, using relaxer is a form of accepting the western definition of beauty; straight, wavy, and silky hair. Some argue that it is because of the colonial mentality that so many people (especially Nigerians) still have, some even say that, it is as aresult of self hate! why else would one distort the original shape of their hair?

Well, whatever your reason for going naturalis, whether relaxers have caused damage to your hair, or you're feeling funky and want to do something new or you subscribe to one of the above reasons, it is not as important as the journey, and I am sure you have some questions.

First Thing You Need to Know There are certain things you need to know as you go on this journey of naturalism. The first thing you need to know though, is this: it is not true that you must cut all your hair to grow new ones! Now that is just a fat lie. You don't need to go bald and cause the street to go into chaos.

Transitioning In this journey of sisterhood, there is something called transitioning hair.

It is when you let your natural hair grow beneath your relaxed hair (what is normally called undergrowth). It just means that you will have to deal with two different textures of hair.

So many people transition for six months, some go for one year before cutting of the tip of the hair, which is the relaxed or damaged hair. It all depends on how long you are willing to go. The longest I have heard of is two years. The ball is in your court honey, it is your decision and probably your stylist's too.

The Big Chop This is the other option on this hair journey. The big chop is when you decide to go on "secura" that is, cutting all your hair off, and letting new ones grow.

Trust me on this one babe, not everyone can rock that look. Whew! talk about societal chaos. Still in the spirit of not making choices for anyone, research has shown that those who go on "The big chop" see faster results than those who transition. Perhaps a compensation from mother nature.

My Natural Hair If you have never had or kept natural hair then I should be the one to break this to you. There is a huge difference between relaxed and natural hair. The textures are different, the curl patterns are different and more importantly the care routines are different.

Care Routines For Natural Hair It is highly important that you care for your hair just as you care for your skin.

First thing to remember is to always keep your hair moisturized with water and leave in conditioners.

At night, cover your hair with a satin cap to lock in moisture.

Avoid manipulating hairstyles.

Make protective hairstyles once in a while.

Wash your hair regularly, at least at ten days intervals.

Use more of natural products for your hair and avoid chemicals.

Avoid tight teethed combs.

These are few, but keeping them in mind will make your journey smoother.

How to Grow My Natural Hair 1

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How to Nail the Lob
The longer version of the bob is finding favour with a bevy of international beautiesWhen Jennifer Lopez stepped on to the Met Gala 2018 red carpet recently, it wasn’t just her intricate gem-encrusted Balmain gown that got people talking. The pop sensation had undergone a drastic hair makeover. JLo traded in her signature long, layered beachy waves for a slick and chic lob. Hairstylist Lorenzo Martin said Jennifer was looking for something different and agreed to the big chop that was then styled back with mousse and gel for a wet look. At the Billboard Music Awards, the lob was also the most popular cut. While Jenna Dewan rocked a blunt cut one, Dua Lipa flaunted a deep side-parted do. Kelly Clarkson, meanwhile, wore her blonde locks sleek and straight with a centre parting that just grazed her shoulders. The best part of the lob is that it can be customised to suit the wearer. Emma Watson wears hers with baby bangs for a youthful touch, while Kendall Jenner is a fan of the classic shoulder-length style.Play with the length. That’s what’s making the lob in 2018 so interesting. You can keep it long, diagonal, or structured, there’s a lot one can experiment with. Melroy Dickson, General Manager Education, Matrix India suggests ways to dress it up. “Add braids or pin up the sides or the top, wear it halfway up/halfway down, experiment and see what suits you the best. You can also tong it and accessorise it with hair bands,” he says.Once you’ve achieved your desired cut, don’t forget to go for regular trims and keep your lob shiny and healthy by always finishing off with a smoothing serum.The lob is one cut that is versatile enough to be worn by all age groups. From 25-year-old songstress Selena Gomez who went snip happy for the summer, to 47-year-old model Padma Lakshmi who has been rocking a layered straight lob on the red carpet. In fact, even 50-60-year-olds are asking for it, notices Kauser Sheikh, hairstylist for Hair Station. “Today, more people are going shorter, as it’s more suitable for our warm and humid climate. It’s also less hassle. With various keratin and straightening treatments in the market, it is far easier to achieve and gives a neater appearance. Those with curly hair need to apply some product, like a wax or volumiser, for a messy look,” she says. Have fun changing it up by creating a nice bouffant. One can also use rollers and blow dry the front or can do a fringe with a bob.While the classic lob works best on a sleek straight mane, this year is all about embracing your natural hair texture. Take a cue from Jennifer Lawrence who just last week debuted a shoulder-length lob styled in beach waves. Patrick Cameron, Wella Professionals expert says that currently the lobs that we are seeing have a lot more texture and are more expressive. “Colour plays a huge part in making your lob stand out. Hair plays a crucial part in the life of Indian women and so it’s great that there are some who are willing to go short. To rock the lob, invest in styling creams and serums. I love using Alice bands and bows to style it up,” he adds.
Woman Known As Lady Sasquatch Embraces Condition That Causes Thick, Dark Hair to Grow All Over Her B
Woman Known As Lady Sasquatch Embraces Condition That Causes Thick, Dark Hair to Grow All Over Her B
Dana, 32, is known as Lady Sasquatch thanks to the thick, dark hair that grows all over her body.After years of shaving, she's now embracing her body just the way it is.At eight years old Dana began shaving her legs, and plucked her eyebrows at 12.Over the years she was exhausted by the hours spend shaving, waxing, and epilating the hair on her feet, legs, pubic area, stomach, armpits, arms, hands, and fingers, and left constantly itchy and irritated as the hairs kept growing back.When she was 27 she tried laser hair removal, but it didn't work.'When I was eight, I first started to shave, I was already getting picked on because I was raised in a warmer climate, and was always in shorts, so the other kids would always comment on how much dark hair was on my legs,' said Dana.'When I was 12, I started to pluck my eyebrows and bleach my moustache. As I grew older, I would get waxing done and then use an epilator for the hairs that weren't removed with the wax.'I even tried laser hair removal but it had poor results and was very painful.'It was like having a constant nagging chore. Even after I shaved, I would still feel prickly, my skin was never smooth. With having chronic pain and fatigue, it just used up so much of my limited energy.'It wasn't until she visited the gynaecologist, and his 'jaw dropped' upon seeing the hair on her stomach and pubic area that she was diagnosed with hirsutism, a condition that causes excess hair growth.'I went in for my yearly check-up, and it was the first time I had been since I stopped shaving,' remembers Dana. 'My male doctor lifted the sheet and his jaw dropped. I don't think he had ever seen a woman with so much natural hair.'He immediately checked my stomach and my face and neck and then ordered for more tests to be done to check my hormones.'Then I checked my online medical records after my appointment and under all my diagnoses was hirsutism. I was relieved to know that there was a name for all my hair, and then it helped me to normalise it with some research.'Two years ago, her boyfriend Steve asked why she bothered spending so much time removing her hair and covering up. He encouraged her to ditch the razors and embrace her body hair - which she did, and she hasn't looked back.For the last two years Dana has learned to love her excess hair, knowing that her boyfriend still finds her attractive no matter how furry her legs are.She now to encourage other people to embrace their bodies just the way they are.'It was really scary at first because I knew my family and strangers would judge me,' says Dana. 'Once I got over my insecurities and was more comfortable in my skin, it definitely was liberating.'I also felt like I was being a good example for my kids, to help them learn to love and accept their bodies too.'Baby steps have been key to me accepting my body hair. I was so nervous on the fourth of July in 2017, it was my first time in shorts outside in public.'I just took deep breaths and tried to remember that my hair may be shocking for some but only because they've never seen a woman with natural hair.'I used to be a hair stylist and I was paid to remove hair, so I understand that there are people who do not like it, I used to think the same way.'One time when I went for a hike, I heard a man say, "look her legs have more hair then mine" and really, it just made me laugh so hard.'It's really funny to me now that people are shocked by my hair because it seems so natural and normal to me.'Most people don't even say anything at all. If I feel them looking, I might bring it up or make a joke about being a sasquatch.'I woke up one day and just felt an urge to share my story. I am mentally at a place now where I understand not everyone will appreciate what I'm doing but if I can inspire just one person to accept their hair then I will be filled with so much joy.'I have struggled for so long, and I think if I knew earlier on that it was ok to stop shaving then it would have helped a lot.'I feel more beautiful, brave and courageous than I ever have in my life. I am grateful that I have feet that can hold me up and legs that can help me walk and arms that I can give hugs with and I don't mind if they're hairy.'To anyone feeling insecure about their body hair, Dana says: 'I think if we were raised with more natural women in the media and advertisements then we would be able to accept ourselves more. So hopefully seeing my story will help inspire others.'I have so much more peace of mind and love for myself now that I have accepted my hirsutism, and I would love for that to catch on.'If you feel like you have to remove your hair but you don't want to, just stop. Let go of the fear of not conforming and fill yourself up with love and gratitude.'This is your life to live and no one else's, you should be as comfortable as you want, and spend your time and energy as best suited for you. Self-care is different than just pedicures and shopping, it's also listening to your body and respecting what it wants and doesn't.'Guys have a lot of hair and they are not gross, neither are you, we are all beautiful.'
How Can I Get Natural Hair?
How Can I Get Natural Hair?
you are already natural since you have not relaxed your hair1. Will my natural hair color ever come back?Yes of direction it's going to no ought to panic :) you will be able to both dye it with a semi everlasting hair dye with a view to then wash out after round 2o washes ( every dye varies ) or you will be able to dye it the colour you desire with a everlasting and while you are bored of it you will be able to strip the dye away. You can do that utilizing head a shoulders shampoo and conditioner. This simply strips the dye out of your hair and ultimately it's going to be again in your average colour. :) or you will be able to simply develop it out in case your hair is not too lengthy desire this is helping :)2. will my natural hair be ok?i think of darkish pores and skin is superb! i am no longer basically asserting that. i am very mild, and do not intend on going to an risky tanning sales area each time quickly. That stated, i admire darker pores and skin. i think of we are born with what we are born with. I had commented on a youtube video of Tyra and a form who became asserting how she by no potential felt exceedingly because of the fact she became darkish. I stated in my remark that being white, besides the actuality that idealized by utilising society over the years, is not some thing to be valued anymore. Or, a minimum of, it is going to no longer be valued anymore. pores and skin colour can no longer define a individual. I stated the way it sucks that we get moles, solar burns (vivid purple tomato pores and skin( that peels), and turn purple from workout. i think of there are pleasing women human beings in each and every ethnic team, and as i had stated in step with Tyra's video, "the victorian era is over, so why are we nevertheless enthusiastic approximately mild pores and skin." My element is which you are perfect basically the form you are . it somewhat is like the blonde vs. brunette debate. There are blondes with prettier faces/ brunettes/ purple heads/ black hair. ..and so on. ultimately, basically a extra remark. sister's maximum suitable chum has superb brown pores and skin, and sounds like a form. i think of it somewhat is a shame that there are a number of of folk who decide per pores and skin colour while it somewhat is this way of trivial subject count3. Is going natural with hair crazy?ahahahaha XD!!! no, thats silly. thats not crazy!!! my mom is the total opposite. She loves her hair natural. (she always!! looks good with her natural hair. lol)4. Is there any way for someone with natural hair to get spikes?there used to be this stuff called ICE hair gel it is extra thick and also comes in colors i used to use it but the only place i could find it was hair salons it makes your hair hard as a rock and i had a friend with hair like yours that used it to spike his but i havent seen it in years have not looked either5. how do i get my natural hair color back?a salon may be better to match your natural color better than you can but you will either have to dye it or wait for it to grow out which will take an extremely long time6. Natural hair lightener?Hydrogen Peroxide or lemon juice. The chemicals in the pool can do that too! Blondes have long used lemon juice to brighten their highlights when out in the sun. But a combination of lemon and orange juices delivers the most natural looking results. The mix creates a warmer, more golden color. That depends if your hair is thinning and what other chemicals are on your hair and how are you styling your hair. My son made his black hair blonde using hydrogen peroxide, but I have to warn you, they will be blonde until they are cut off 100%. Have you seen the Outsiders, C. Thomas Howell made his hair blonde! One example using coffee on her natural hair: "Many of you have probably heard of dying your hair with coffee. I tried this method last week. I got the 8 O' Clock 100% Arabica Coffee Ground. I brewed two large cups of it, and then dumped on my hair, trying as hard as possible to get all parts of my hair. I let it sits in my hair for 3 hrs. putting a plastic bag over it to keep in the heat. I then rinsed and dried. But when I saw the results, my hair was lighter? So answer the following: Why was it lighter?" Another example: "So, I am trying to lighten my dark brown hair, so yesterday before I sleep, I made a hair mask: 1/2 cup honey, 1 cup water, 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon, mixed them together and kept it on my hair over night. So, today I washed it out and I noticed that my hair is way darker, you can' really see any brown tinge, does any one know how that happened, and if it will stay that way, will it fade?" Supermodel Eva Herzigova Uses Vodka to Lighten Hair Yes, the blonde beauty has revealed her secret for stellar sun-colored strands. Vodka is one of the things that Eva uses to stay fabulous at age 40, but she does not drink it. Instead, the 5'11'' stunner treats the Russian spirit as a rinse-in product to maintain her bright and beautiful blonde mane. Eva revealed the interesting news to Marie Claire France. Those are the best way to lighten your hair without the risks of allergic reaction and/or cancer or even hair loss. Hair lightening from the sun is drying to the hair, it also means they are discolored from sunburned. Add lemon juice to the formula, or any other methods, is the result for double dried & damaged hair. Over-exposure to the sun's harmful rays, sweat, humidity and of course, spending too much time in a swimming pool can be damaging for your locks. They can also leave your hair dull, dry and brittle hair. Example from YA: "About 2 weeks ago, i tried bleaching my hair using the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide method (yes I learned my lesson) and after doing which, my hair felt dry." Sources: OCTOBER is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I stand up for cancer. No allergies here, OR hair falls when I was dyeing my hair, but I had frequent migraines, the 1st one lasted 14 hours
Can Identical Twins Have Different Natural Hair Colours
Can Identical Twins Have Different Natural Hair Colours
Identical twins will have the same color hair, as it grows form the scalp. But if one stands out in the sun, and the other does not, the hair of the one may be naturally lightened; there are other ways the hair color can be altered naturally.Joe jonas at home hair colour?it's just dark brown. just straighten it for like a few days and it will be the same. i always dye my hair dark brown and i straighten it everyday and my hair is like the same color. not that i do it to have it look like joe's but yea it is basically the same color cos the straightening makes the hair a lil lighter but not too light and do not straighten it everyday cos then it will get too light and look a redish color.What causes hair colourants to fade??Lots of things. Chlorine, over washing, time, etcwat hair colour do u think is attractive?Having been in splendor grant sales for 26 years, maximum persons tend to stay approximately mid flow. some will pass to the far left or surprising yet no longer maximum persons. So maximum of my sales have been brown and stale black. Jet Black did no longer sell as much as those 2 neither did the blondest blondHair colour uneven, help?! Wet or Dry?My best guess would be if it looks bad wet and you want to know how it will look dry, dry it. But I will not say that the color will be even. In fact I will guarantee that it will not be. Because you lifted a bunch of color from only sections of the hair when you put the "red" color on your hair those colors had to mix with other colors that were still in your hair. So some places have red that mixed with black (staying black) and some that mixed with caramel ( making a brownish red) and some that mixed with red (making more red). This is why box coloring does not work out well for a lot of people. If you are unhappy with the color that you have now go to a salon to have them fix it. DO NOT BLEACH IT AGAIN! You will start losing hair by the handfullsWhat can I do about hair colour?When selecting a hair color, stick pretty close to your natural color. The color will not be as drastic once your natural hair grows out. Your skin tone is a good indicator for which shade to pick. A very subtle red or simple highlight may not be noticeable in very dark hair or against darker skin. It is also a good idea to try a temporary washout color treatment in the experimental stages. If you do not like the color, a few rinse in the shower should wash out the color.Make Hair colour lighter Using Lemon Juice?if anything the lemon juice will dry it out. there are hair products that u can use that are organic free or ammonia free look them up online =) we use an ammonia free colour range in my salon and ammonia is the worst it is found in ciggarettes and toilet cleaner!Blonde vs Any other hair colour?ive had blonde hair before its fun for a little but i prefer brunette hair a lot more i feel like my face is overall more pretty with dark hair and weird but i feel like my face looks smoother too. but yesss i agree with you but then again it just depends on the person tooBest Hair Colour Removing Products From uk stores???Hanna the only thing there is to remove colour is time or a colour that looks the same as yours have a nice dayWould I suit this hair colour?Yes! I personally thing that you would look good, but it's really up to you and what you thinkWhat hair colour is this? What hair colour do I have? What should I ask my colourist for?you could also print the pictures and bring them to your colorist. or bring in other pictures of the color that you like and they will be able to choose the best color
Beauty Tips: 10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own
Beauty Tips: 10 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own
When you apply makeup every morning, do you stop to think about whether you're using the right brushesThe answer is probably no. But according to beauty experts -- including Max Herlant, Yves Rocher's International Makeup Advisor -- using, for example, a blush brush to apply rouge to cheekbones can improve the way the cosmetic appears on skin (same goes for eyeshadow brushes and eyeshadow, etc.). To understand which brush you should be using when, Herlant gave us a bit of a breakdown on the 10 tools ever woman should have in her makeup bag. Check out the full list -- with explanations on what each brush does -- below.Concealer BrushWhat It Is: A brush made with synthetic hair for applying stick or liquid concealers and correctors to hide dark circles, redness and other skin imperfections. Its shape allows correcting all areas, even the least accessible, in a natural way without leaving traces. The Plus: A rounded shape for a result with no traces and synthetic hair for delicate application with full coverageBonus Tip: "It's much easier to apply concealer with a brush, rather than with your fingertip, because fingers are warm and change the texture of the formula, so it won't adhere as well. The brush allows you to work the undereye area flawlessly."Foundation BrushWhat It Is: A brush in synthetic hair for applying liquid and cream foundations and smoothing the complexion. Its long hairs allow spreading the foundation across the face and delicately smoothing it, thus resulting in a natural look. The foundation brush is particularly recommended for women who do not like to apply foundation with their fingers. The Plus: A rounded shape and synthetic hairs for a delicate, uniform application of colour and a natural result.Bonus Tip: "For the Holidays, you can switch up your foundation for Yves Rocher's limited edition Radiant Glow Fluid Foundation. It contains fine mother of pearls that will give you a subtle radiant glow."Powder BrushWhat It Is: A powder brush with natural hairs for applying pressed, loose or tanning powders to highlight facial glow and smooth and matify the complexion. Its slightly flared shape allows harmonizing the complexion in a very natural way by dusting on powder like a luminous veil.The Plus: This brush is perfect for a natural look, because it allows you to apply the powder to your skin much more lightly than with a puff, for example. Bonus Tip: For women with wrinkles around the eye contour area, it's best to keep blush away from this area. Apply your blush on your cheeks, but stop at the cheekbone, don't go higher. Here's another tip: after a makeup application is complete, I take a tissue and apply toner to it and then I place the tissue over the entire face for a few seconds and, very lightly, press the sides of the nose. When I remove the tissue, the toner has set the foundation, which then lasts longer and wears better all evening."Blush BrushWhat It Is: A bevelled blush brush in natural hair for applying blushes, highlighters and tanning powders that restructure the face by creating areas of light and shadow. Its bevelled cut molds to the shape of cheekbones for easy application and a natural result. The Plus: A bevelled cut that molds to the shape of cheekbones and provides a precise, natural makeup.Bonus Tip: "To give an ultra-fresh and natural touch, I suggest lightly applying the blush by tapping motions on the cheek, rather than applying it in a sweeping movement as one normally does. Another tip: I suggest applying a small touch of blush to the earlobe for a very natural effect."Flat BrushWhat It Is: A flat brush made with natural hairs for applying light to dark eyeshadow powders, bringing out and intensifying their colour and creating smoky eyes. Its flat cut and the density of the hairs allow dusting on a large amount of powder, resulting in highly coloured makeup with full coverage. The Plus: A straight cut for better powder pickup and intense colour dusting.Angled Eye BrushWhat It Is: An angled eye brush made with synthetic hair for applying liquid or cream eyeshadows and liners at the base of the eyelashes to enlarge the eyes or create a sophisticated look. Its finely cut bevelled edge allows spreading makeup across the lid in a very precise line. The Plus: A bevelled cut for very precise application and a smooth line of colour along the eyelashes.Bonus Tip: "This is perfect for applying an eyeshadow that is the same colour as your kohl or eye pencil. The pencil will then last twice as long! If you apply too much lipstick, you can easily correct it with the angled lip brush rather than an ordinary lip brush."Eyeshadow BrushWhat It Is: An eyeshadow brush in natural hair for applying a halo of light to dark eyeshadow powder to illuminate the eyes with a veil of colour. Its slightly flared shape and long hairs allow dusting on the powder with transparency and softening makeup intensity. The Plus: A slightly flared shape for application with transparency.Bonus Tip: "The eyeshadow brush allows you to apply eyeshadow with the lightest touch, as opposed to a foam tip applicator that takes more of the shadow and therefore results in a more intense effect."Eye Crease BrushWhat It Is: An Eye Crease brush made with natural hair for applying medium to dark powdered eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye and at the outer corner of the eyelid for creating beautiful gradations of colour. Its tapered shape allows one to mold colour intensity: the rounded end provides intense colour and the flat side of the brush softens it. The Plus: A tapered shape for greater precision and more softness.Lip BrushWhat It Is: A retractable lip brush in synthetic hairs to apply lipsticks and glosses and to soften the contour lines of redrawn lips. Its fine cut allows: tracing the lip contour very precisely with the point of the brush and filling the area inside the contour with the broad side of the brush.The Plus: As a general rule, this brush offers more precise coverage and longer-lasting wear. It also adds a velvety look to lips.Bonus Tip: "If you have very dry lips, I suggest applying a good dollop of moisturizing cream on the lips, like a mask. Then you can apply makeup to eyes, etc. When you remove the cream, your lips were be plump and toned. If lips are chapped, you must absolutely not apply dark lipstick to them."Eyelash-Eyebrow Brush/CombWhat It Is: A brush with a double brush/comb tip for highlighting eyes in a natural way. The comb tames eyelashes and/or removes excess mascara for perfectly defined lashes. The brush allows blending in eyeshadow or eye pencil and redrawing the eyebrow line. The Plus: Double-tip format for two different uses.Bonus Tip: "Use after applying brow pencil to blend it. Tip: Add a touch of hairspray to the brush before using it to tame unruly brows." RELATED: Dirty Makeup Brushes: Why You Should Clean Up Your Makeup Essentials -- And How
How Much Does %100 Natural Hair Weave Cost Online?
How Much Does %100 Natural Hair Weave Cost Online?
For my hair, the most I have paid is about $80 for a bundle... It depends on the texture of the hair and where you get it from... For high quality hair your gonna pay a great amount for it. the cheaper the price the lower the quality... I've gotten hair from lace xclusive and they have a good quality for low prices... i believe it starts at about $55.... and you can also try alliexpress BUT with that site you need to examine the vendors, look at the reviews and be aware of the scammers. on youtube there are videos on recommended vendors on that site. just search the web and you will find some... Here are a list: www.karaezykouture.bigcartel.1. dying my hair? weave? help!?Dyes/chemicals is not good for you or anyone for that matter,but if you want to follow the trend then here you go....answer to your first ?...the price of weave depends on the length and if it's synthetic(average to the best) or human(average to the best). I would recommend human hair because it's light weight like your hair,you can treat it like your hair ie dying,curling,straightening,wash it etc. You can redo it as often as you like(but will break your pockets if you go to the salon) if you take care of it you wo not have to go that often. Saves $ and time : ) As far as damaging your real hair?! Over time it can especially if you do not let your hair breath every now and again. If you use bonding glue that will really mess your hair follicles up over time : ( I do not understand y u cut the original dye out just to put new dye in it(the original one damaged your hair slowly,but surely and your wanting to do it all over again?! Btw not trying to critize you just being me and being straight forward black and white no suga coating cuz that wo not help you make your decision because at the end of the day it's your hair/body and you do what makes you HAPPY : ) If you been keeping good care of your hair you should continue and you will see the difference it makes in the texture of your hair,skin and over all well being : ) Long weaves are ghetto to me,but that's just me. Your young so experiment and do what feels good to you,what boost your self esteem just remember dying your hair,makeup,weaves,material things does not make YOU they just enhance the look of you, but personality,humbleness,goal oriented, and what is in the inside is what makes you BEAUTIFUL!!!! Good luck to you!2. Can hair weave/extension be relaxed?Yeah, as long as it's real hair. If it's synthetic hair like kanekolan, yaki etc. THEEEEN forget it!3. Buying hair weave with Tax ID and business license?It depends where she buys it from. She will likely be able to get it at wholesale pricing4. questions about a hair weave?u no a weave can save ur life. google "life saving weave."5. Should I keep wearing hair weave or natural hair? Advice ?you can still wear weave, like crochets, sew ins (way healthier than glue). Weave actually grows hair out longer. My hair is to my butt, my moms said if i was still living with her she would cut it because its too much to deal with. People usually charge me more to do my hair though for weave=/, so i just wear it straight, braids, curled, natural (just shampoo, condition, and curl product. Give your hair a break though. Like for a few months weave, then a month with your real hair. Its quite easy to mange black hair once its trained. Use really good conditioner to keep your edges fresh and soft. And a hot oil treatment. and btw try not to say "other black girls would dream of hair like mines" because it gives the perception that black girls can not have long hair. Which you and I both know is not true. I know you did not mean anything by it, but some other races will read that and believe that all black girls have short hair or shoulder length hair. Which would be very ignorant lol I get lot of "are you mixed?" or "why can not black girls have long hair like yours?". You, that stuff. anyway hope i helped and rock whatever you feel good and comfortable with. Remember YOU have to deal with your not your bf lol.
Best Wigs for Cancer Patients
Best Wigs for Cancer Patients
Haircovering for Cancer PatientsMedical WigsMany women have experienced the shock and pain of being diagnosed with breast cancer, lung cancer or some other dangerous form of this disease. When they hear the diagnosis, their first and most important concern is that they will need to do whatever is necessary to save their own life. Often, their next worry is about the cost of their medical treatments. As if it is not enough for them to have to face the fear, worry and pain caused by the disease, the treatments themselves may cause even more pain and suffering. Patients are often exhausted during their treatments.To make matters worse, one common side effect of many cancer treatments is hair loss. Many women, in particular, feel embarrassed, depressed and uncomfortable with the idea of being seen in public without hair. For these women, there are a wide variety of wigs and other hair coverings available to help them feel more comfortable when they go out in public.Credit: Cancer Wigs and Hats Many different companies now provide a wide variety of ways for cancer patients to hide their hair loss. A vast assortment of these items can be purchased from Amazon. They have thousands of different wigs, scarfs, hats and other types of hair coverings for people who are suffering from hair loss due to their cancer treatments. If you are interested in seeing what they currently have available, use this direct link to wigs and haircoverings for cancer patients from Amazon is an excellent site for comparison shopping as well as for picking up inexpensive products to cover your scalp. At a time when you may be overwhelmed by the cost of your treatments, finding inexpensive hair coverings can be a relief.Another company is Ace Wigs, a retailer that offers over 4000 wig styles at discount prices. They offer a medical discount, and have a selection of styles designed just for people who are suffering from medical conditions that have caused them to lose their hair. One of the web services they offer is their color matching tool. If you want your wig to match your natural shade, you can take a photo of it and upload the picture. Their Color Ace web tool will help you find wigs that are a perfect match for your own hair. They have a special website for medical styles which you can find at It is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing an online source at affordable prices.One otherwebsite you may want to contact is the TLC Cancer Care Catalog, which is available online. They offer beautiful and affordable wigs, hairpieces and wig care products. Their wigs are high quality, machine tied and are provided by the American Cancer Society. TLC Direct also advertises that their wigs, hairpieces and wig care products are returnable for a full refund, credit or exchange for up to 60 days after the purchase. Because many people who have medical conditions resulting in baldness also suffer from sensitive skin, TLC tries to make sure that their products are comfortable and fit well. They also offer turbans, headwraps and scarves, as well as products for women who have undergone a mastectomy. Their website is other major online wig retailers also offer a selection of styles that have been especially designed for cancer patients, so be sure to shop around. In addition, you may want to learn more by reading the article, "Medical Wigs For Sale." Headcovers for Cancer Patients Sometimes patients would like to have choices other than wearing a wig. Headcovers Unlimited offers a wide selection of headwear, including hats, turbans, hats with hair, wigs, scarves and even swim caps. Turbans, for example, are available for under $10, and can be a thoughtful gift for a friend who is suffering from hair loss. Many of the hats with hair are available for under $40, and are a nice change of pace for someone who does not always want to wear a plain wig. You can get more information about their extensive line of products at You can also buy turbans and other headwraps from for Children who are Cancer Patients If the cancer patient is under age 18, there are a couple of non-profit organizations that will provide them with natural hair wigs either for free, or at an affordable price based on a sliding scale. You can submit an application to these organizations to find out if your child would qualify for assistance. One of these non-profits is called Wigs for Kids, and the other is called Locks of Love. Many people donate their own hair to these organizations in order to help them provide wigs for children who need them. You can find out more about this assistance for children who are cancer patients in the article, "Best Wigs for Kids." If you would like to learn more or see information about other websites that offer wigs for sale, you may also be interested in reading:Human Hair Wigs For Sale Best Natural Hair Wigs Wigs for African American Women For Sale Men's Wigs For Sale Best Wigs for Kids Discount Wigs For Sale Medical Wigs For Sale Louis Ferre Wigs For Sale Photo of wig and scarf combination courtesy of Amazon.Find a Scarf and Wig Combination on AmazonAvailable in a Variety of Hair Colors Castle Crowns Scarves & Headcovers Glorious (Dark Brown) Amazon Price: $175.00 Buy Now(price as of Aug 29, 2014) Amazon has a wide selection of products from which you can choose. This particular combination is available in several hair color choices. If you click on the blue product name above, you can see the different choices. You can also enter your own search criteria to see what else is available.
Should One Wear Hair Extension (weave) on Natural Hair?
Should One Wear Hair Extension (weave) on Natural Hair?
yea that will actually make your hair grow a little faster i get my hair weaved every month if you want to do that then its perfectly fine1. Clip-in Hair Extension Won't Stay In?Hi there: Here's a tip I hope will help you. back comb or rat as they call it the roots of your hair and a little spray will help them stay in place better. they also stay in better on second day hair dry. Not freshly cleaned hair.2. What do guys think of girls with hair extension?cant pull their hair during sex3. i need help buying hair extension?I def might now not purchase from Sally's. There hair is low pleasant and shed's and tangles very effortlessly. I determined while I used to be utilizing that hair I needed to hold shopping hair each few months. I determined ecu hair to be the nice, its tough to discover however a well provider is flirty locks. They have loose delivery as good. Many distinctive forms, like tape in, fusions, microloops, and so on4. where can i get cheap tongable 26"-30"inch hair extension ?The best ones for quality are lush hair, clip hair and head kandi. But if you are looking for longer than 26 and cheaper then buy hair is the best place :)5. Who has hair extension's? or has had them in the past?girl you just need to talk to your stylist and get some good products. hair extensions are so hard on your hair, so ya your hair will grow out, but it is gonna be really damaged when it does. so the question is do you want long hair or very unhealthy hair. see your stylist, she will give you some good advice6. clip in hair extension help?This is how I colored my extensions and how I take care of them. If you going to color the extensions you want to hang them and do it, not while they are in your hair. Use a clothes hanger with the clips (the ones to hang skirts) and hang the extensions from them. Apply the hair color as directed on the box. Get as close as you can to the clips of the extensions. Now you only want to use semi-permanent hair color, DO NOT use permanent. Also, you can only dye the extensions a darker color, not lighter. When you wash the extensions, use the clothes hanger clips. Before you wash them, comb them gently to make sure there's no tangles. Apply the shampoo in downward strokes to prevent tangles and rinse in COLD water. Apply conditioner the same way and rinse well. Make sure you use a good quality moisturizing shampoo for your extensions, it will help them last longer. Do not brush them when they are wet, it can break the hair. Hang them up to dry then comb after they've dried. You will need to wash your extensions every 2-4 uses. It depends on how long your wearing them for and how dirty they get. try to wash them as little as possible though, it helps them last longer. Store the extensions in a safe place so they do not get ruined, I bought a case for mine at Sally Beauty Supply. I absolutely love my extensions, your gonna love yours too!! Good luck!7. How do I make a clip in hair extension look real?Im assuming they are not human hair. Remy human hair is the only kind of extensions that look real. And do not lie about if they are real or not. Be honest. Just clip them under your hair then hairspray8. Best hair clip in hair extension brands?Are you looking for clip in extensions or for the wefts? Check out they have clip ins and weft extensions that are really good quality and last a long time. I have bought form them several times. I got my sister extensions from there and i have a set sure you will like ur extensions from there as well...9. The best clip in extensions for African American hairDo you know? There are many African-American women who do not really love their real hair because of many reasons. So, they tend to look for different types of hair extensions to have the desired hairstyle. Clip in extension is a popular choice for many women because of the benefits that its offer. In today's post, we want to help you learn more about clip in extensions for African American hair. What is a clip in hair extension? Clip in hair extension is the type of hair extension with clips sewn meticulously on the top of hair extensions. Clip in hair includes layers that are created from one or two layers of weft hair with clips attached. The best thing about this hair extension is its usage is extremely easy and saves time. Which clip in hair extensions are for African Americans? To help African American women can choose the best clip in hair for themselves, we created a list of suggestions below. This clip in extension is straight with the hair layers that are slightly ruffled to create a smoothness for your hair. Kinky straight is often suitable for African American girls who love the natural beauty of hair. It is not too silky. Using kinky straight extensions helps you have long, bobbing, thick hair. Yaki straight clip in extensions are still sewing specialized clamps for easy use with straight hair and the layers are ruffled slighter than kinky straight. So, this clip in extension has excellent natural smoothness. Yaki straight is very popular with African-American girls because of yaki straight texture helps them look charming and graceful. Clip in Body wavy hair is one of the most popular styles for people who regularly use clip in extension. The wavy hair became outstanding because of its natural, soft beauty. Especially, African Americans love a black clip in body wavy because it looks healthy and sexy. The clips attached to the top of the bun are always handy. Actually, a clip in hair extension includes one or more layers of weave hair extensions, it means you never have to worry about hair extensions is shed. With the clips in this hair extension, you can apply it in just a few minutes without harming your own hair. Deep curly extensions have small and thick waves with moderate length. The structure of the curly helps you look so attractive, energetic, and absolutely beautiful. This is a wonderful choice for African American women with strong beauty and naturally dark skin of them. Loose curly extension style with more loose curls than deep curly style makes you look like a dream girl. The size of each curl is also larger and the texture of curls resembles a spring shape. You can fully feel the smoothness of the hair extensions and have beautiful young hair after using it. Another thing is combining different colors like blonde, dark brown, light brown,... with clip in loose curly hair will make you look even more amazing. These suggestions about Clip in extensions for African American hair above are the best options for you. If you are still thinking about hair extensions, we will give you interesting information. Thanks to that, our products always ensure high quality with softness and shine. Especially the clip in extensions is also a proud product of us because of the diversity and customer satisfaction. To help you get more detailed information, below is here are some of our other small tips. Bonus: How to apply clip in hair extensions : Firstly, you need to choose a suitable hair extension for your natural hair. Please note that the hair extensions should have the same color and texture as your natural hair : Get ready with clean and protected hair. Your advice is to shampoo thoroughly and dry your natural hair. You can use a small amount of essential oil to create the perfect moisture for your natural hair. : Use your hand or a comb to divide your hair into two sections. Hold the top of your hair and tie it with a hair band. If you have thin hair, you can use a comb to gently tease the lower half of your hair in one-inch sections to keep the extensions securely in place. : Next, you open the clips on your extensions. Align the ends of the hair extensions accordingly, and gently push down to snap the clips into place. : Drop the hair that was tied above and you are done. Hopefully, the helpful sharing in this article will help many girls who are interested in using clip in hair extensions, especially African American girls. Do not forget to visit us to enjoy the best service.
Indian Virgin Hair  Change Your Look That Suits You
Indian Virgin Hair Change Your Look That Suits You
An individual's hair is said to be his/her most prized possession. If an individual's hair stops growing, he can just save it all off and also call it a day. A woman indeed does not get such type of luxury. There are a large number of women nowadays who choose to wear their style completely short, but that is not said to be a good option when your hair is unique and also not available easily. Meanwhile, the most important choice that any woman who wishes to wear hair extensions need to make in terms of whether to select virgin or synthetic item.As far as virgin hair is concerned, it is indeed pure human hair that has not been cured with any chemicals and also completely natural. Obviously, the greatest choice could certainly be choosing the natural style for several reasons that will be presented in this article in a proper way. Whether you select Indian virgin hair or any other brand widely available in the market, natural style tends to let you style yourself properly, however, you may definitely like the same.Most of the women prefer to change their hairstyle or color quite often. Natural hair generally allows you to change the same quite conveniently if you wish even without damaging the same. Moreover, synthetic hair can not be straightened or also curled since it will certainly not withstand the heat and also it will most probably melt. In most cases, it will definitely not lose its shine and you will definitely end up with something that just does not appear good or natural. Those who prefer to using such hair extensions or also something quite similar do not need to worry about the same and can definitely choose to wear any style that they wish even without any problems. Another major advantage of using such product is that it is low maintenance. The main reason is that synthetic extensions is so fragile. Besides, it is also available in pre-style so you do not need to worry every time about appearance.Apart from this, virgin natural hair tends to act naturally. Besides, it has volume and can move naturally. When you walk, it can bounce and you will be able to get the same appearance you are looking for. The fact can not be denied that natural hair is bit expensive than the synthetic one. But, when you put everything is balance, you will definitely be able to discover that it is worth making a complete investment mainly for obtaining a perfect and tantalizing appearance.Can semi-permanent hair dye have changed my natural hair color?no. the molecules in semi permanent hair color are too big to penetrate the hair shaft, all they do is coat the surface. Basically it's just paint for your hair. if your hair is overly damaged, it will make it easier for the molecules to get into your hair's cortex, so the dye may stay on your hair longer if your hair is damaged, but it is not possible for it to change your natural color.65 Best Party Hairstyles for Every Hair Length | All Things Hair UKNeed party hair ideas? Be the belle of the ball with these gorgeous party hairstyles. Nothing completes an ensemble quite like a fabulous, party hairstyle. To give you a head start for all of the post-lockdown celebrations, we have compiled the ultimate list of party hair ideas for all hair lengths and types. Whether you like to wear your hair up, down, loose or half-up, we are sure you will find an occasion-ready look you will love here. So, scroll down now to discover the best party hairstyles for 2021! Fun and easy, this bubble braid is sure to impress. Adding a few pearls to your fave bun will instantly make it Zoom-ready. You can not talk about party hairstyles without mentioning this simple half-up hairstyle. It's the perfect in-between hairstyle and allows you to have the best of both worlds. Editor's tip: For added volume, spray some of the TRESemm Day 2 Volumising Dry Shampoo into your roots for an instant boost. The dreamiest party hairstyle for long hair? Glamourous Hollywood waves, like these, of course. If you have lob-length hair, waves are a perfect way to zhuzh up your look. Give any wavy hair look a boost with the help of a cute hair slide accessory. Make a statement at your next party with this Minnie Mouse-approved bow headband. If you are sporting a bob or a long bob haircut, you can also take your party hair look up a notch with a headband. For a sexy look, take note from Adriana Lima and fashion your hair into a deep side part. Do not forget to use some hair gel to achieve this wet hair look! Whether you are headed to a wedding or a themed '60s party, you can look the part with this timeless bouffant hairstyle. Headband braids are a tried-and-true way to glam up any hairstyle and they work on all hair lengths. Long curly hair? For a festive twist on a classic half-up style, try working in a pretty hair ribbon. Beachy waves are the perfect party hairstyle! But, if you want to give them a quick update, simply get creative with some bobby pins. Editor's tip: To get effortless tousled texture, use a sea salt spray like the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray. Spray evenly over damp or dry hair to create a rough texture. Here's an eye-catching spin on the classic upside-down bun. What makes this hairstyle so cool is the bubble effect at the back! In search of a truly gorgeous look for a wedding or a special celebration? Stand out from the crowd with a sleek and elegant chignon that exudes sophistication. If there's ever a time to glitzy, it's for Christmas parties and festivals! So, you really can not go wrong with pairing some metallic hair foil with your fave updo. Plaited hair is the go-to look for any occasion and this loose side braid is one of our favourites. Do not have time for heat? You can get these lovely air-dried waves in a cinch with our easy tutorial, now. With all that extra thick hair, you need a way to keep it stylishly under wraps. And, this relaxed low bun will do all that and more! How can we not talk about Gigi Hadid's mermaid waves? Another headband hairstyle you can not go wrong with - this time with studs for an edgy update. This headband braided style works best for beach weddings or themed Grecian parties. This retro hairstyle is another great option for short and long-haired ladies alike. Who would not want to have Bardot-worthy hair? This neat cornrow style will give a high fashion edge to any party outfit. While a sweet side braid also works on long hair, we love it just as much on short hair. There's nothing like naturally voluminous locks to get you noticed during party season. Team big hair with big bouncy curls and you've got an instantly glamorous look, that will complete any outfit. Psst! Watch this video tutorial (above) to learn how to nail this party-perfect look in a tick. Editor's tip: For bountiful volume, reach for TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo. Get a sky-high finish by flipping hair upside down and spraying it through your hair. Then flip your hair back and work in sections, spraying your hair from root to tip. Need hair for a party that's pretty, playful and effortlessly feminine? This easy-to-achieve style has to be one of our all-time favourites. Got short, natural hair? Then you are in luck because this look is perfect for natural coils. Remember to leave a few curls loose around your face for a romantic, face-framing finish. Hunting for a truly charming party hairstyle that looks just as good from the front as it does from the back? Then the ultra-feminine Gibson tuck is the would o for you. This is perfect for those of you who love elegant updos, and this easy twisted tuck just oozes vintage glamour. Trust us, it's guaranteed to stay put all night, no matter how much you dance! Girls with curls can rejoice because this sultry hairstyle is ideal for you! Having been sported on runways around the world, there's no better time than now to harness the power of your naturally wavy or curly locks. This half-up bun with cornrows takes hairstyles for a party to a whole new level! What is more, it's a clever way to hide oily roots and make use of second-day hair, too! As lovely as updos are when it comes to party hairstyles, they sometimes need a little extra pizzazz. But do not worry, we've got just the thing: some delicate, dainty braids. A baby beehive teamed with an effortlessly messy bun and a bold headband? Well, we could not have come up with better a party hairstyle if we tried. Looking for quick party hairstyles? If you are less than a styling master and can only manage to create a simple bun, do not fret: because there is an easy way to jazz up your look this party season. All you have to do is accessorise your mane with a luxurious, printed scarf or bandana! These glossy, vintage-style waves are undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated evening hairstyles on offer. This cool snake braided bun may look complicated, but it's just a series of simple three-strand plaits, all rolled up into one chic bun! Space buns are one of our favourite '90s hair trends that has resurfaced this year. Head over to our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to get them! Need party hairstyles that will vamp up your hair for a night out? Then these softly tousled waves look relaxed and contemporary and are just perfect for a fuss-free evening. Editor's tip: Create your soft curls with the TRESemm Heat Defence Spray and a large barrel curling iron, curling 2-3 inch sections at a time. Once you are done, separate the curls gently with your fingertips to make them look more relaxed and undone. Braids look gorgeous in every form, and this slightly messy, tousled take on the trend is a gorgeous choice if you are looking for pretty party hairstyles for long hair, that feels both contemporary and feminine. The milkmaid braid makes a great party hairstyle since it keeps your hair off your face and neck while exuding endless feminine elegance. If you are blessed with long and healthy-looking hair, a sleek and straight style can look incredibly stunning, not to mention it's one of the simplest party hairstyles for long hair you can wear. Show off your long locks with a half-up, half-down would o, adding soft, flowing curls through the lengths of your hair. No need to use shiny hair accessories to dazzle at your next party. Simply add a sprinkling of glitter to your roots for a festival-ready look. If you prefer not to spend too much time styling your hair, but still want to exude cool-girl vibes at your next party, try this simple, fashion-forward braided would o. And best of all, this Grecian-inspired, party-ready look will be sure to hold all night! We love this edgy and bold party style for natural hair. You can even tie the rest of your hair into a bun to finish off the look and make it protective too. Textured locks are one of the best party hairstyles as the look is carefree with just enough glamour. Add in a full sultry fringe and you've got yourself a mesmerising would o that will get you noticed. If you've got bountiful curls or cute coils, take inspiration from Rihanna or Lupita Nyong'o and put your hair up into a pineapple updo. Try wrapping a ribbon around the base to add a touch of glamour to your look. To avoid those all too familiar sweaty dancefloor moments, the halo braid is the perfect way to wear your hair up without having to compromise on your sassy soiree style! This high fashion-inspired, slicked-back would o is one of our favourite party hairstyles if you've got shorter locks. Give your mane an impressive and glamorous edge with this wet-look hairstyle. Pair with embellished drop earrings and a smoky eye for maximum effect and to enhance your facial features. As easy as it is charming, this half-up would o with soft waves look effortlessly party-ready - and equal parts practical and pretty. If you have very short hair (or even a pixie), this sophisticated, elegant and sleek side-parted hairstyle with finger waves is something you should try. Pair with glitzy drop earrings, a smoky eye and an oxblood lipstick for a sexy, '20s-inspired, party-ready look. When it comes to party hairstyles for short hair, adding a chic statement accessory is an easy way to jazz up your tresses. Whether it's with a flower garland or a pearly headband, it wo not fail to impress! Whether you are getting ready for a summer party or just want a break from your bangs, why not go for a bohemian look with a practical yet stylish braided fringe? Uber chic and quietly glamorous, a low bun never fails to impress. And although the top knot bun remains a staple, we are pleased to report that the low bun is also having its very own fashion moment. We especially love this fun, twisted version of the classic! Beautifully tousled loose waves are always a fail-safe option when it comes to nailing the ultimate laid-back party hairstyle! You could say they've become a night out essential! Universally appealing, waves can be worn with a variety of different hair lengths, adding a carefree, ultra-glamorous touch to any party ensemble. A side-swept pony lends itself to a whole host of different party occasions. Simple, yet high impact, it has to be one of the easiest of the quick party hairstyles on our list. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it's super low-maintenance. Sleek, chic and always a firm fashion favourite, it's no wonder the high ponytail is one of the most popular easy party hair ideas. A favourite of stars like Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid, a super-slick high ponytail is a perfect way to make a statement this season. For a adorable party would o, why not try your hand at this sweet bow hair look. It's a lot easier to master than you might expect and we think you will agree that the striking results are well worth it. This upside-down braided updo is a great way to dress up a simple bun for all your parties - not to mention it gives a little something extra to your standard braided updo. This mohawk braided hairstyle (AKA the unicorn braid) is guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling super cool at any party you attend. Soft curls are perfect for adding a dose of glam to your party hairstyles. They are also perfect for medium to long hair, as there's enough length there to make an impact, but not too much as to appear too heavy or full-on. Spotted on many a designer runway, it seems poker-straight hair is slowly making a comeback as one of the hottest - and most understatedly chic - styles. Do not forget to continue the minimalist theme and team with a classic middle parting, and perhaps add a bold red lip to amp up the look for the evening.
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