How to Get Hair Silky?

Get a relaxer Get a brazilian keratin treatment Get a blowout Get a Japanese straightener Use professional shampoo and conditioner. And professional styling products.

How to Get Hair Silky? 1

1. Do girls like guys with silky smooth legs?

im almost incapable of growing leg hair so, i have smooth legs :l

2. If a guy ocassionaly likes to put on silky lingerie, why do so many women assume he is gay & that he prances?

O_O Still gay.

How to Get Hair Silky? 2

3. What is the best shampoo/conditioner to make your hair really shiny and silky?

Try putting on "Tony and Guy shine spray" This is an AMAZING product that in one second can make your hair shimmer. Just wash your hair as normal and spray it on and brush it through. Your hair can also look much shinyer if you wear it down and keep it un-knotty. I hope this helps. xxxx

4. HoW tO GeT silky smooth not greasy shinny strait hair?

Girls definitely like guys with nicer hair. Crappy hair looks terrible, especially greasy hair

5. Is there really anyone that doesn't miss the Vintage full slips from the 60s & 70s ? So silky and comfortable and everybody in the movies?

You seem to know a lot about how it feels to wear womens clothes, do I detect some cross-dressing going on? I used to have to wear those awful slips during the last couple of years I was at school; though not made of silk, that would have been way to expensive. They were awful damn things, always riding up and alive with static. I was glad to bin them when I left school. I wear clothes for comfort and practicality, not to please men. You seem awfully keen on women dressing to make men happy; how about men smartening themselves up and wearing a nice suit and tie and clean and well polished shoes instead of tee shirts, scruffy jeans and filthy trainers?

6. My new lady friend kind of made me try on one of her silky full slips! Is it kind of normal to?

I suppose it could be but there are extenuating circumstances. You should not do this if it is not your comfort level

7. How many women pantyhose often so their legs can look silky & sexy and also b/c your man likes them too.?

I think the stylists say that the only time hose should be worn is if they are pulled over your head and you are robbing a bank. Bare legs are always better

8. What are silky terriors like?

Good things about Silkies: Is small, easy to carry, and does not take up much space Looks like a sturdy short-legged terrier, but with a finer-boned, more elegant build Has a long, flowing silky coat that does not shed much Is quick-moving, light-footed, inquisitive, and "busy" Makes a good watchdog Bad things: High energy level You must providing enough exercise and activities to keep them busy Suspiciousness and/or sharpness toward strangers when not socialized enough Excitable chasing instincts Stubbornness (mind of his own) High coat maintenance (frequent brushing and combing, or trimming) Barking Housebreaking difficulties

9. How to get silky, soft hair?

spray it with shine liquid which is pantene or garneir.. or use olive oil

10. How to get my hair silky in look and touch (black hair)?

I am sure you arent interested. But part of the issue with keeping your hair up while maintaining it straight is that it is not in its natural state. Conflicting with your natural hair texture causes alot of textural issues

11. Silky or cotton, bikini or thong and color?

a silky pink thong

12. Ladies...I'm looking for an honest answer...Granny Panties or Thong? also Cotton or Silky?

neither, boyshorts. support AND no pantyline! (might give you a bit of a wedgie though)

13. what is the best shampoo for healthy silky and smooth hair?

I really like Pantene silky and smooth. They have a conditioner and shampoo you can use

14. what hair will make my hair silky and straight?

biosilk! and use the shampoo matrix (orange bottle) sleek and shine...itll be beautiful!

15. Ladies, which razor have you found that is BEST at getting skin silky smooth, w/less cuts & irritation?

I wish I knew the answer!

16. What cases dryness during the winter, and how do I get beautiful silky hands?

Petrol causes more dryness & needs to go into the tank & not on the skin. many factors lead to dryness: the cold wind, winter heat, harsh soaps etc. I've tried the satin hands kit from mary kay & it's great. also anything coco-butter, especialy with shea butter in it. glycerin based or bees wax based - yes - i said bees wax. it's thick & it protects your bodies barrier against germs , your skin. take care

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How Do You Get an American Girl Dolls Hair Silky Again?
How Do You Get an American Girl Dolls Hair Silky Again?
Gently rinse the hair with fabric softener. Be careful not to get any water on the face or on the body. Do it on a day with low humidity, let the doll dry completely.1. How to make my hair shiny and silky smooth?Shampoo is better; I go on first and clean the hair! Conditioner is better; I leave the hair silky and smooth! Oh, really, fool?! Really! STOP LOOKING AT ME SCHWAN!!!2. Why do boys get turned on by silky lingerie and what help do they need?Like a silk glove or something?3. If you caught your husband trying on one of your silky chemises or babydolls, how would you react?I would post about it n Y!A over and over again for years until I /wrist4. Ladies would you have more fun seeing Male models parade in front of you totally nude, or in cotton Boxer briefs, or silky women's Panties?Definitely boxer briefs, then nude. I do not want to see sissy boys wearing silky women's panties. I can not think of anything less sexy5. Is it possible for a guy to sleepwalk and put on one of your silky bra & Undies sets? I came back from a trip?Almost anything is possible, but as I am sure you already know it is highly unlikely especially if something similiar has not happened while yu've been home. Although I personally think it is an odd behavior, I as his wife would be more concerned about his sexuallity than fetish. Wearing women's delicates does not necessarily make him gay, but odds are he is. Go on Craigslist or Backpage in your area and see if he has been soliciting men for sex. Just look at the dates you were away and possibly a day or two prior as he may have been trying to get a "hook-up" set up ahead of time. Lots of totally freaky guys, some married looking for bizarre thngs. Good luck to you. Bad situation.6. How can I get soft, silky, hair?OK put mayo and avocado to make ur hair stronger and shinier also use bio silk to make it soft and shiny and infusium is to strengthen and fix the damage hair...u should cut it so u can get rid of the dead hair and by doing that ur hair will be really nice and do not straighten ur hair anymore were it curly or blow dry it instead and if u do not have to do ur hair do not cuz it will make it worse and do not use gel or hair spray or ur hair any more it drys ur hair and makes it look poofy and take showers but only wash ur hair every other day i know that sounds nasty but it helps cuz if u wash it everyday ur getting rid of all the natural oils that make ur hair shiny7. Girls ,would a good silky support pantyhose help a guy with tired legs that stands all day??it helps a lot! it's intended to prevent varicose veins8. I want to paint over wallpaper of a silky texture but don't know how to go about it?do not recommend it. it will cause problems later on. remove the wallpaper first9. how can i get my hair shiny, silky, and soft?Have u used it10. what is the best hair brush to use to make your hair silky and soft?The circular bristle brushes That have bristles all around the cylinder like brush those are best11. girls help please ,what silky spring dress would look good on a guy with dark brown hair?cut off ur balls12. How to get silky hair?brushing your hair before washing it is a good way to get rid of any tangles. I once used a product called organix, every scent treats different types of hair. I used the soft and silky vanilla silk shampoo and conditioner... it smells so so good and it also does not have harsh chemicals that could damage your hair as some hair products could do. I also use the organix vanilla silk blow dry cream before I blowdry my hair. Hope this helped!13. Is there a product to help frizzy hair become silky?whatever you do DON'T use drug store products!! I know they seem cheep and tempting and promise a lot However, they end up doing more damage on your hair. Start by using a good shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Redken has two that will help fight frizz. One being Redken 'Smooth down' and another called are al control'. Leave the conditioner in a couple min. to act as a mini-mask. Once your hair is properly moisturized that's 1/2 the battle. There is also an amazing product out there called 'it's a 10'. It is a leave-in conditioner that will NOT make your hair greasy!! And fights 10 hair problems at once. Including frizz! Now, salon products are a little more expensive then drug store products BUT they will last you longer as they are highly concentrated so you need to use less! Try to stay away from the blow dryer as much as possible but if you must blow dry use a styling product like Redken 'Align' to create smoothness and heat protect. Your best bet however is to air dry and then use a flat iron (with heat protecting product) and use a serum after. (again not much) Paul mitchell has a serum called 'super skinny' that would work great to add a silky shine. But when using a serum only use a small pea size, you do not want to make your hair look greasy right after styling. Good luck!
I Am African American and I Want to Know How to Get Long and Silky Hair Without Flat Irons Or Blow D
I Am African American and I Want to Know How to Get Long and Silky Hair Without Flat Irons Or Blow D
I get my hair done every week.........I make sure my ends are clipped and get deep conditioner once a month. My hair grows fine with flat irons1. What Happened To Satin / Silky Panties?They are still around you just need to look very hard. I usually find mine on Ebay or other online shops. I really love the satin stretch panties from Victoria's Secret.2. Grooming an american silky guinea pig.?Ok first off Fan= Baddd Idea....Do not put a fan on her...Guinea pigs can catch colds super easy and even slight breezes can make that possible...they are able to regulate their own body temp. So I would worry to much about that!! Also you can just get a regular brush for guinea pigs and comb her with that...give her a bath with Dawn Dish soap...(dont use a ton) and then wrap her in a warm (from in the dryer) towel...then kinda towel dry her...dont get her head wet! Or near her eyes!! Then continue by brushing her...:) you can look up how to give her a bath online. Do you give her any treats? Like fruits or veggies? Try carrots cut small, or parsley, apples, strawberries, or grass from you back yard that hasnt been fertalized and has been cleaned (rinsed). She will come to you. How about giving her a place to run around do you have a small room where she cant go anywhere where you will lose her?? Try that...let her roam and become familar with her surroundings. Also just hold her...let her lay on your lap...I always used a towel...fold it a few times and put it on your lap, then lay her on her make her feel welcome and she will most likely lay down and relax a bit. It may help her warm up to you, since most guinea pigs are naturally skiddish. its hard at first, and it will take time but if you put time in to her she will come around. Also try not to make loud noises around her, they hate that...also try looking up guinea pig noises and what they mean online so youll know what she is trying to tell you...this used to help me! Good luck and I know it will work out...prepare to fall in love!! :)3. When gift wrapping a silky blouse how do you get the blouse to stay in place in the box?Honestly, you just can not . The only way to make the blouse look not-messed-up when it's opened is to wrap it in a smaller box. That way you can fold the blouse up smaller and it will not squirm around as much in transport. Ask for a lingerie box, that will help4. How to get silky, soft hair?Chi makes good straightening products. Go to the hair salon and ask what you should use and they will straighten your hair and use product in it if you ask when you get your haircut, it will be extra but you will learn how to do it. I love Frizz Ease. I do not know who makes it or whatever but it can be found in any Grocery store really. Look in Seventeens recent issue and the brand is in there if you look closely. I suggest getting this months issue because it has things to get great hair and how to do make up, etc. I like Biolage for a shampoo, it's a salon brand (around $15), but worth it because it does not dry out your hair. Try the deep conditioning too. It's very expensive, but it all works. You have to do so much to get great, healthy hair.5. How to get soft, silky hair?shampoo is damaging to hair and shouldnt be used every wash . wash your hair every other day or more , not every single day . shampoo once or twice a week , and condition every wash . if you want extra help , i use a deep conditioner once a week . Aussie Three Minute Miracle is about 2 dollars at any drugstore and is easy to use . shampoo , then rinse , towel dry , put into hair for 3 min - 2 hours , rinse and all better
How to Exfoliate Your Legs: the Solution for Silky, Smooth Skin
How to Exfoliate Your Legs: the Solution for Silky, Smooth Skin
Oatmeal is another natural exfoliant that has many added benefits for people with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Mix oatmeal with a small amount of salt or sugar and apply in a circular motion to the legs, as you might with a dry brush or lenses for sensitive eyes? Shampoo and Body wash for VERY sensitive skin?Arbonne, All Natural Swiss Skin Products Trust me I have very sensitive skin also and Arbonne's Products are all natural and hypoallergetic. If you would like more info email me and I can help you find what you are looking for! ***question for all the sensitives!!!!!!***?I am also empathic. I am 16 and only just recently decovered what I could do. I do not think there is a real way to turn it off. It is not nice walking into a crowd and feeling everyones emotions, while you still learning how to handle your own. What you will have to learn is how to detach your emotions from other. If you are able to focus hard enough on your own energy and emotions you will soon get use to what is your own, which makes it easy to detach. As for seeing auras. I am slowly learning about that. You got to be able to clear you mind and only think about seeing the aura and the energy and emotions you sense from the person. The same goes for seeing spirits. This part is the part which will help you with all of that. Learn to meditate and practise meditating. It will allow you to gain more power over your empathic ability and could open the door to other abilities (like seeing spirits). To meditate just get in a comfortable crossed leg sitting possition, close your eyes, breath deeply, and cancle out everythought you get. As soon as you feel a thought coming, just forget about it. To reach a state of meditaion, your mind most not have a single thought in it.Bode Sensitivity IntegralLets just take this from the other way... Why should the statement hold?Let just assume that $L(s) = frac1(s 1)(s 2)$ for whatever particular reason. $L(s)$ has a relative degree of $2$. Then you will see that $Gamma(s)$ will never be equal or greater then $0$ [dB]. So no, there does not necessarily exist a frequency range where $Gamma(s) > 0$ [dB]. However, I have the feeling that this reference is more what you are looking forBest mascara for sensitive eyes??i have sensitive eyes too, so i use London. I absolutely LOVE my London mascara! ^-^Is Korean skincare good for sensitive skin?ensitive skin also tends to lean on the drier side, so the thought of cleansing again after you've washed your face with an oil cleanser might sound off-putting to some. But it shouldn't! You need a water-based cleanser to deep clean your pores. The key is finding one that won't strip your skin of its necessary oils. This Cosrx product is a gel cleanser formulated with a very low pH so it won't foam up and dry out your skin. It also contains some very mild acids that are a great gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin.Exfoliating is one of the scariest words for people with sensitive skin. I get it-you don't want to make your skin even redder by intensely scrubbing it. But exfoliation is really important for all skin types-it helps get rid of dirt and debris that builds up in your pore that normal cleansers can't pick up. And if you're looking to achieve a smoother skin texture, exfoliating is key. Note: Sensitive skin types don't need to exfoliate every single day; I exfoliate twice a week.I suggest using the RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb twice a week. It's a soothing clay mask formulated to calm irritated skin and reduce redness and inflammation. The fresh herbs in the formula act as a gentle exfoliator to lift impurities while the chamomile and calendula help to soothe and calm. It's also free of mineral oil, sorbic acid, animal ingredients, surfactants, parabens, mineral oil, and propylene glycol.Is Korean skincare good for sensitive skin?.
Sassy's Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions 18"?
Sassy's Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions 18"?
Hi there, I have silky straight 18 inche xtensions, they reach past my bra stap and i apsolutely love them! x1. wonderful wave brazilian hair virgin brazilian remy hair weave brazilian water wave human hair reviews?Shipping extremely fast . Does not have a smell . True to length . Other than that good quality hair . You can go to Google search kingfomall to find the shop!2. urgent; best website to purchase remy human hair extensions from?you could variety remy hair applying warmth because of the fact it is authentic human hair. yet you need to bear in mind that because of the fact the hair is not actual related on your scalp, it would not have the earnings of organic oils to maintain it healthful and moisturized. No product on the marketplace can mirror the reward of those organic oils, and at last the hair will finally end up looking fried (extensions frequently final for a pair of 12 months, if properly taken care of). yet one extra reason extensions would harm swifter is because of the fact remy hair frequently comes from India the place maximum human beings have dark hair. For the hair to be usable in western counties, they ofter bleach and dye the hair. As all and sundry knows bleaching and death hair is unfavourable, so it ought to be brittle before everything. i am hoping that helps.3. Wet and Wavy or Curly human Hair? If i sew a half wig on the back and braid the front half way...?that's the respond on your question. I even have moist and wavy braids and that i admire them. they are pretty much 2 mos previous and seem as sturdy with the aid of fact the 1st day I have been given them without the soreness(smile). that's what u do. Plait your moist and wavy hair into 3 or 4 plaits , take a tall microwaveable cup ideally with a take care of on it and function a small towel waiting. Fill the cup with water and heat it till warm. completely dip each and every braid into the water till u think of the water has saturated the plait. Take the plait out and wrap the towel around it squeezing the water out. do this with each and every plait once you are end with all of them you would be pleasantly suprised. Now undo your plaits. be sure you do no longer tangle them. I spray with African Royale no longer African delight braid spray when I do this. I do my scalp actual sturdy and then spray the hair. you will see that this product makes your moist and wavy mushy and it hangs superbly. playstation that warm water seals the hair . in case you elect help looking after it enable me comprehend and that i will enable you to already know the wonderful thank you to bathe it so as that it consistently seems new on an identical time because it is turning out to be. My way your hair would be healthful and improve a mile long with braids4. Where's best place to buy human hair?You can try ebay or do a yahoo search5. where to buy bundles of hair?100 brazilian virgin human hair brazilian weave hair extensions brazilian hair extensions for sale?Great quality. Exceeded my expectations. I love it! It is very soft, full and natural looking. Also was shipped an delivered very fast. Will continue buying from vendor because I know I am always going to get good quality with them. You can go to Google search kingfomall to find t find the shop!6. how do people get real human hair for hair extensions? do the people die or something?i highly doubt it. Many people from india grow there hair out to crazy lenghs just to get it cut off. some type of belief they have has to do with it and plus they earn money for it. same for the chinese they love geting money for there beautiful hair. An actually some human hair is not human hair. its actually horse hair when you think about how much hair is in so many stores do you actually think its all from other people
I NEED HAIR HELP FOR SEW IN: Bobbi Boss Human Hair Soft Silky Straight Or Milky Way Pure Human Hair?
I NEED HAIR HELP FOR SEW IN: Bobbi Boss Human Hair Soft Silky Straight Or Milky Way Pure Human Hair?
Get a protracted-layered-face-framing haircut (bangs in case you prefer them). Use Purity shampoo and continually tender conditioner by using Pantene. in the previous you blow dry practice Chi Silk Infusion. Blow dry with a extensive paddle brush. tender hair with Chi Flat Iron. .. iron the layers around the face forward and in (then the bangs in case you purchased them)1. Where does "real human hair" come from?The hair does not come from dead people the hair is donated . The majority of human hair comes from india . Some from china2. How do you keep deer from rubbing trees?Human hair, A bar of soap, or (seriously) Coyote urine which you can purchase. All will act as deterrents to drive the deer away....3. Will human hair clog the Dyson DC25 Animal?Hi, it's Ryan at Dyson. Dyson vacuum cleaners, including the DC25 All Floors and Animal models, are designed to pick up human and non-human hair alike. As long as our machines are used in accordance with the owner's manual hair will not cause a Dyson vacuum to lose suction. You may find long hair will wrap around the brush bar, but this would be the case with any upright vacuum cleaner with a brush bar. The DC25 cleaner head is designed to allow easy access to the brush bar should you need to remove any hair from this area. If you need any further assistance in choosing which Dyson vacuum is right for you, Best wishes, Ryan Dyson Customer Service4. How do you wash a dog with long hair and not get it knotted up?There are only a few dog breeds whose fur will get matted, not knotted. Fur is not like human hair. Your dog gets matted if it's like an Airedale Terrier, Welsh Terrier or other terriers, labradoodle, any "doodle" dogs or poodles. If you own any of these dogs, you already know, I hope, the grooming needs of these dogs, which is regular brushing and trips to the groomer for hair cuts. That said, a long-haired dog like a shepherd or husky or Golden Retriever, require a lot of brushing too. For a bath, give them a good brushing to get all the loose hair off, then shampoo away with a pet appropriate shampoo. Rinse thoroughly or you will have a very itchy dog. Have fun. Watch for the shaking!!!.5. Where could I find 100% human hair extensions online?I bought Human hair extensions off of ebay. It was only $45. And they are 20 inches long. They are good quality! I love mine!6. Where can I buy Yaki real human hair in stores?Best Quality REAL PREMIUM NATURAL HUMAN HAIR - INDIAN AND BRAZILIAN available in NJ - USA at: WWW.SEN-FASHION.COM . Indian Natural Human Hair(Imported from India) . Brazilian Natural Human Hair(Imported from Brazil) . Men's Shoes (Boots, Sneakers, Dress Shoes) . Women's Shoes(Boots, Sneakers, Dress Shoes, Flats, Heels,Pumps) . Kid's Shoes (Boots, Sneakers, Dress Shoes) . Women's Handbags and Accessories(Bracelets, Earrings,Necklaces) . Cosmetics and Fragrances(MAC, Victoria's Secret, Dermablend...)7. anyone know where to get human hair extensions that come with clips under 50 bucks? 10pts.?GO 2 BEAUTY FOR YOU BUT IT ALL DEPENDS ON WERE YOU LIVE8. Can you curl and straighten 100% human hair extensions?yes...anything u would be able to do with ur hair u can do with human hair extensions9. Where does the "human hair" on wigs and in extensions come from?Not dead people. When people get their hair cut they can donate it to make wigs. Only if it's nice untreated hair though10. Human hair or Synthetic Hair for braid extensions?Just trust me, human hair. I have had both. Unless you want to look ridiculous, leave the synthetic hair on the shelf where it belongs.11. What is a good Brand of curly human hair weave ...?Beverly Johnson is good, but for curly I would definitely go with Milky Way or Milky Way Platinum12. What will keep the gorgeous sheen on brand new human hair extensions? I've even tried calling the manufacturerYou can style the hair the same as you would your own hair. They are rather easy to take out but messy. 1st way, buy this hair bond removal called 30 seconds. It's really oily, squeeze the oil along the tracks and the weave is released in seriously, 30 seconds. Next, hold your head under the water (do this in a sink not the shower!!!!) until its wet. Saturate your hair with conditioner and with a wide tooth comb, start to comb your hair from roots to the end. Once all of the glue seems to be out, resaturate your hair with more conditioner (makes the glue slide out and protects your hair from breakage) and take a rat tail comb and comb through your hair in small sections to get the smaller bits of glue you may have missed. Wash as normal. 2nd way is mostly the same except without the bond remover. Just go right to the wet your hair and saturate it with conditioner part. Also if you are worried about the glue, try a sew in. It's expensive but lasts longer and is not messy
Black Women: Do You Wish You Had Good, Silky, Long Hair?
Black Women: Do You Wish You Had Good, Silky, Long Hair?
oh *bless* funnily enough i have the straightest finest baby-bum-fluff hair EVER and hate it! women are NEVER happy with their hair! if you have straight you want curly, curly want straight etc. I think we are just never happy! I dream of a full mane of long hair! exotic and mysterious! the only way that's happening is with a wig! i often wish i had some "black" *attitude* etc. some kickass! BIG afro curly hair ROCKS!1. What are the best vitamins for soft, silky hair? Or for it to not be dry? wonders2. How can I get my hair to be silky,thin and smooth?Just get this shampoo that makes your hair puff down and then wait for 2 or 3 minutes and do that every day and it would get silky thats how my hair is3. How to make my hair silky and soft?Use over the top conditioner and brush it for like 1/2 an hour4. 10 POINTS!!! do i look good on present hair style?? i have got long, shiny, silky black hair. also comment on?ok u look kinda good!!!!!5. My guy sometimes likes to put on my silky chemises and babydolls as part of foreplay. Is it normal?Sounds like he is a cross-dresser. At least he is not sneaking behind your back wearing your clothes. There is nothing wrong with it if it does not bother you. But apparently it does bother you. I do not know any cross-dressers personally but the ones I've seen on TV seem to be very manly men in appearance - you might expect a girly-man to want to dress in women's clothes but you would not expect the "lumberjack" type to want to. But that is who seems to want to. He obviously trusts you enough to let you see his private turn-on, whether you stay with him or not it would be very uncool of you to tease him about it or tell his friends.6. Is it normal for an man to like the silky feeling of nylons or pantyhose?sure" theres nothing wrong with that at all7. How to go from dry frizzy hair to silky and smooth?Straightening and blow drying will just start a cycle of you having to do that to make it look good when it's actually getting worse. You do not need to try and keep it straight either, the products are going to dry your hair out, trust me. I thought my hair was naturally frizzy and dry etc. and my hairdresser told me it needed more care - now it's much better!! First, as you do not apply conditioner to your roots, you need a shampoo that does not strip your hair beyond what the natural oils can restore - I like Aussie Miracle Moist and would recommend trying it. Then most people think conditioner's important, at the end of the day it gets about 3 minutes to give your hair a boost and goes straight down the drain! Again, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor is reasonably priced and does a lot more than most conditioners. When your hair's damp, a leave-in-conditioner on the other hand, does a lot for your hair, so it's worth spending a little extra. A really good one is Redken Extreme Anti-Snap which you can get for 14 on Also a weekly mask is a great idea and unlike conditioner is doing a great deal before being rinsed out, personally as you do not need much I believe it's worth getting a high end one, like Kerastase but as they are usually around 20 you might want something a little cheaper like Bed Head. The only other product I use is Almond Oil, which I put in a spray bottle and use a little each morning on dry hair. This is cheap and works great but when you have a little extra cash, I think it's worth splashing out on Moroccanoil instead. Also TRIM EVERY 6 WEEKS, this is so important you would not believe. This WILL help xx8. If your guy got pretty drunk and put on your silky bikini undies & matching bra and danced would you?oh Yeah9. how to make my hair silky again?just let it grow out.sorry hun. "/ waittt. then use product. it will just be temporaily silky. so wait,wait,wait
Should I Get Silky Or Yaki Hair?
Should I Get Silky Or Yaki Hair?
Yaki ;1. what is the best cream to get a silky hair?If you suffer from dry, damaged or frizzy hair, serums and deep conditioners can help. ... Try products rich in vitamins that are cream-based. ... According to InStyle Magazine, which named it a "Best Buy" several years running, Bain Satin contains cationic . .. Best Serum: Fekkai's Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum2. How to get my hair silky in look and touch (black hair)?Go to a Dominican salon Dominican republic girls are one of the best woman that know about black girls hair seriously I am not joking try to look up a dominican salon near you3. What is the best way to get your hair silky and straight again, without using a straighter?Treseme has a few well merchandise for that. You can use Frizz Ease merchandise Bumble to Bumble You can uncover plenty at Target they've a tremendous sort of stuff! When you practice them, avoid the roots and you will not get oily and greasy!4. If a wife isn't wearing the silky nighties her husband bought , doesn't he have a right to wear them as long?as long as you come back on here and post pics5. How to get really silky long hair?then just keep doing what your doing and also did you know that the sun can give your hair heat damage so put like a heat protectant in for everyday6. How do you make dry hair silky and smooth again?lots of moisturizing shampoos/conditioners/treatments what i found and have used and still used and will always use is this professional line called PureOlogy. they are 100% Vegan, carcinogen-free, protects against UVA and UVB rays, and doesnt fade hair color. their purple bottles is the hydrating line. comes with shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. it's a little more costly than the other professional products, but you will love it.7. Can a man wear silky panties to get a message?I wear a pair of black hi cut or brief panties when I know I am going to get a massage. I have never had any of my female masseuses mention anything and they still massage my rear end. I would love them to say, "nice panties".8. why do asians have such silky shiny hair?The colour has a lot to do with it as very dark hair or 'black' hair reflects the light a lot more than lighter shades. I have black Caucasian hair as I am of Irish origin, and compared to my friends it is very shiny, nothing to do with the condition or texture, it's just the light reflecting it. Imagine a black kitchen granite work-surface and think how shiny it is in comparison to a white marble one, it's all about the colour and light :).9. how do i get a clean smooth silky shave on my vagina with out razor burn?I GOT THE SAME PROBLEM :(10. How can I get really smooth silky skin?Exfoliate the dermis with a sugar scrub and exfoliating gloves (which you could get them from chemists, they are 'rough' on the outside for eliminating useless skill cells and so forth). Also moisturise daily - certainly after a bath or bathe and this is when your pores open up (from the heat of the water) and will enable the moisturiser to penetrate into the dermis11. Why is my Silky Terrier licking herself so much? Does she have an allergy?no it may just itch some times so you may need a cream so youm should git her checked out ok12. How to have silky smooth hair? ?use biosilk; its expensive tho'13. how can i get that soft silky look ? pictures included?she prob uses a certain shampoo and moisturizer14. silky straight borin hair?scrunch it!!!15. What material is light, silky and stretchy?The stretchy says its tee shirt material sheets. You can get these at walmart16. I had a dream about long golden hair that was knotty turned silky and beautiful as I brushed it.?It means you have to become a good person in order to detangle your hair17. how can i get my hair shiny, silky, and soft?So I use Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner. When I put conditioner in my hair, I make sure it gets through all of my hair and gets my tangles out. So what I usually do is use my fingers to comb the conditioner through my hair, or sometimes I use a wide toothed comb. Then I use Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave in Conditioner and comb that in my hair too
Sassy's Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions 18"?
Sassy's Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions 18"?
Please be careful when using extensions. I've heard of quite a few people who've had their hair come out from having extensions put on. I can understand that you really want them1. Is it possible to extract enough DNA from a single human hair to place it into a growing flower and have the flower test positive for the DNA? If yes, how can I do this?It does not exactly work that way.It's actually very difficult to 'place' hair in a flower and have the hair's DNA get incorporated into a flower. Usually a complex multi-step process is used to 'edit' DNA2. Does anybody know how to tell the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic fiber?Human hair has better quality and is more expensive. Synthetic looks extremely fake and it frizzes up quicker3. where can i get the best quality human hair in brooklyn newyork for weaving. i dont mind the cost?Buy The World's Best Raw Human Hair Posted: Jun 20, 2006 Location: New York, NY Ad Type: Services Category: Health/Beauty Description: Now you can experience beautiful Natural Human Hair. This type of natural raw human hair is virtually free from chemical processing treatments. Our exclusive hair is extremely controlled by our outstanding and professional hair manufacturer in South America, providing high quality hair for over 35 years. This high quality of hair is not at all comparable to the other so-called-100% Human Hair brands, that due to poor quality and extreme chemical treatments, does not look or feel natural and is quickly disposable in a very short time. Our South American hair has soft waves and natural movement making it the best hair to use for wig making and hair extensions. If you are tired of wasting time and money on the other so called 100% human hair, then place an order today and experience the difference.4. which is better, Human hair or Synthetic Half wigs?Get the Jessica Simpson clip in extensions. They are human hair and come in different colors and styles.5. Help i live with a human hair trigger who goes off at the drop of anything?Typical boy Penfold has challenging behaviour and throws a tantrum if you ask him to clean up anything they are just naughty boys, we have to be positive about their good things and only praise them up when they are good and ignore the bad, it's not worth the hassle sweetie. You can only do your best and be strong he will know he is doing it I am sure. Just leave it, when he realises he is living under a pile of stink he will sort it out, we have to be very patient where boys are concerned they act like they need mothering but best to let them do their thing and wait for them to bore of the rebellious stage.6. what is hair for ?i mean we can easily say to protect the brain from the sun but what about body hair ??Hair is for protection. Mostly that is insulation to stop us getting too hot or too cold, but it also offers physical protection as well. Humans have lost most of their hair so human hair is mostly pointless. It is significant that those parts of the body where humans still have hair it still serves a purpose. Hair on your head prevents a lot of heat loss in cooler places and prevents heat stroke in hotter places. Adult hair (in your armpits and groins) acts as a bearing surface so the skin is less irritated when you move your arms and legs.7. We Visited the Only Fake Baby Factory in the WorldThe only factory to make those dolls in the world is located in Spain's Basque Country - in the town of Leioa, some 15 minutes away from Bilbao. "As a company you could say we are practically the only one of it's kind in the world. There are artists who make this type of doll at home, but I think we are the only place to produce them en masse," explains Cristina Iglesias, the Catalonian director of Clon Factory. The company was founded seven years ago as a special effects workshop but it was not until 2013 that they launched the BabyClon brand. Artist, and now distributor of the brand in Spain, Silvia Ortiz, was the one who came up with the idea to make these hyper-realistic dolls. "When Silvia first told me about silicone babies, I thought they were really weird. I could not understand why anyone would make these dolls. But then I realised that they could sell so I decided to start making them. Still, I wanted to stand out and improve on what was already in the market," recalls the director of Clon Factory. Cristina's true passion and original field of study is special effects: "We use the same techniques that we would with bodies in cinema work, only reduced to the size of a baby," she explains. Once the sculpture is ready, the mould is made with a combination of fibreglass and aluminium which lasts for about 100 copies. "After a while though, the material begins to suffer. It also becomes quite tedious for us to be working on the same model. We are people, not machines," Cristina says. The time invested in the process of making a BabyClon doll is three months. Although made in series, BabyClon dolls are not identical. The last phase of making one is the painting of it - that's were each takes on special features that make them distinguishable from their sisters and brothers. The colour of the hair, their eyes and also their sex often depend on the client's needs. "We will often get more specific requests too - that a baby has some sort of birth mark or freckle in a certain place, for instance. In some cases, they even provide photos of their children when they were babies so that we can make a replica. It's like a 3D photograph. That I do find lovely," smiles Cristina. The one thing the dolls have in common is their hair, which is made of mohair, because it's smooth and apparently similar to human hair. "There are two types of buyer: The collectors who purchase at factory price and the other is the reborn artist. The latter is dedicated to buying the babyclon straight from the mould. Then they will paint and prepare them for sale to the collectors," explains Cristina. Many collectors want pieces painted by certain artists given that some of the detail they can give them would be impossible to achieve in the factory," she adds. Silicone babies do not require special attention - and even less so when they are displayed in glass cabinets, which is common practice among collectors. In these cases, "cleaning them once a year is enough. But if you take them out on walks and you put them in clothes then it's wise to clean them every two months." If cared for well, BabyClons can last up to 30 years. Dolls from Leioa reach the four corners of the Eart. The biggest importer of BabyClons is the United States but the babies have also reached Australia, Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Iran and of course many European countries. "In Spain, collecting these dolls is regarded as a rather strange hobby. However, in other countries there are people who recognise their value as works of art," says Cristina as she walks me out, holding a doll in her arms.
What Is the Best Hair Care Product to Get Hair Silky Smooth?
What Is the Best Hair Care Product to Get Hair Silky Smooth?
L'oreal ever pure hair mask or wen :)1. What are the dos and don'ts while shopping for some silky bras & undies so that they can't tell I am buyingI think people would not automatically assume that you were buying them for yourself. I am sure people would think they were for a lady friend2. I just snooped in my newlywed husbands suitcase and found a pair of my silky bikini undies. Do married men?If you are going to start snooping through your husbands things, you are not going to be married long. He has a right to privacy and you need to respect that. There's nothing funny about this. You are invading this man's privacy and you need to stop it.3. i'm going to cocktail party . my husband wearing black suit. could i wear silky black pants with shiny siver aonly if you are not planning on wearing any jewelry, especially a necklace. I think you would be safe with a cute pair of earrings but you do not want to look like Liberace4. Will chickens of different breeds mate? For example, a Silky with a Bantee?Yes. Any breeds can mate. Its like us humans. African Americans can have a baby with a Caucasian person. A labrador retreiver can mate with a poodle and have babies. And different breeds of ducks can as well.5. how do you get silky hair and long hair with a natural remedy?Silky ? Find the right ph for your hair, in the water, in the shampoo. Brush only when hair is dry. Be good to your hair. Have enough protein in your diet. Long ? Just let it grow and do not let anyone cut it, or talk you into cutting it.6. Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Norwich Terrier, Papillon, Silky Terrier dog: Pros & cons about them?Compatible: All breeds can be compatible or not depending on the age purchased and the temperament of the individual. You can get anti-socials and lovers with in the same litter. Aggressive: Dogs tend to mimic their pack members so if you have a friendly Eski, she should pass that down to the new pup by association. Corgi's may get nippy as it is what they were bred to do, herd by nipping. Depends on your training methods whether you can teach her to suppress the urge. Playful: I've never met a healthy puppy that was not playful, it's natural for pups to want to play. Grooming: Corgis shed in over-drive. The other 3 shed minimumly in comparison. All dogs require full grooming (bath and everything) at least once a season. All dogs benefit from regular grooming (brushing) at least every couple of days. The Norwich can take some clipping, the Silky is sometimes clipped because the coat can get a little long and is capable of matting without regular brushing. The Pappy can mat in some spots as well. Normally the Corgi does not mat. Diets: The best diet is a raw diet, beyond that, all dogs do best on a premium commercial pet food. You could match the food to the size of dog you choose, whether you go for a toy size dog or a medium size dog, foods are now being formulated as breed specific for some of the most popular pure breds. If you go commercial pet food, always read the ingredient list and do not choose a food that has a grain listed first. Dogs are carnivores and need a diet consisting mostly of meat. Barking: Pappys can be yappers. Terriers can be vocal as well. It's up to you to train the dog for good house manners, including not barking excessively in the house OR outside. No neighborhood likes a non-stop barker. Guard dogs: I would not say any of these breeds have much guard dog potential but people do not truly need an attack dog when they have 2 or more dogs. Usually dogs will deter thieves because they do not want to be detected while they are breaking in. If you are looking for guard dog potential, the main three are normally German Shepherd, Doberman and Rottweiler. Less known but often preferred in law enforcement is the Belgian Malinois. They are smaller and faster than the other three. There are many more breeds that also guard but these are the most common in USA.
What Do I Do with My Silky Straight Hair?
What Do I Do with My Silky Straight Hair?
maybe some layers to make it more bulky, i think shorter hair may be more manageable too?1. Going to a wedding this Sunday. Any ideas what shoes, clutch bag would go with a silky, gold halter top dress?Black sandals and clutch...or dark brown. Either will bring the "gold" color out. If you really want to look "sassy" go with a pair of cute "orange sandals with matching clutch". That is really a great color scheme. Have fun!2. HAIR HELP!! what do i need to do to achieve smooth silky locks?Well, everyone who I know tells me I have really silky hair, so what I use is Organix shampoo and conditioner. I work my hair into a lather with the shampoo, then I wash my body, allowing the shampoo to sit. I rinse it out VERY well, then you add the conditioner, and kind of massage it into your scalp. When you rinse it out, your hair will have no knots and be really silky, even when wet. Then I put it up in a towel and wait about 15 minutes. Take it down, towel dry it. After that comb it back, so it's slick, flip your head over and comb out all the knots. Put it up first in a highhhhh pony, then twist the pony into a messy bun, on top of your head. Then, go to sleep, and when you wake up it should be slightly damp-ish. I take it down, comb it out, part it, then straighten. It's pretty silky then. Hope this helps! :).3. My new lady friend kind of made me try on one of her silky full slips! Is it kind of normal to?Wow! I cannot believe you posted this. Keep it private buddy!4. What is the best shampoo/conditioner to make your hair really shiny and silky?kerastase are the best! Expensive but really good! also Redken are good..5. Is it possible for a guy to sleepwalk and put on one of your silky bra & Undies sets? I came back from a trip?Tranny6. Allowing dry desert sand in gulf surge through huge silky pipes make generators run to produce electricity?I believe that conservation of energy and entropy give us the answer here. You have to get the sand to the top of those pipes, and in terms of altitude this takes exactly the same amount of energy the sand gives back as it falls down the system. Unfortunately, there are losses. You have to overcome more than gravity to get the sand up the hill. On the way down, there is friction, as well as losses in the generating system. This system will always take more energy to run than it produces. Human power does not change the answer. Their work does not use fuel directly, but it takes fuel to feed them! Your system is a lot like hydroelectric power generation, but with hydroelectric we can rely on the earth's weather to get the water to the top of the system.7. I saw a flea on my silky terrier?Do not leave your dog in the garage8. OMG WOW!!! Read this story and tell me what you think made my hair so silky!!?badgirl :) had me on that one i guess that what your hair like so keep doing it9. Smooth, soft, straight & Silky hair? ( For Hairstylists and professional hairdressers only)?I know Frizz Ease works miracles but i do not think there is anything that will make it do what you want without straighten it. You are asking to change the structure of ur hair and that can not really be done with just products alone. Hope This Helps!10. Making my hair straight smooth and silky?Vaseline maybe? i am not sure11. does it feel wearing silky evening dress? Is it ok for guy wearing women clothes?Ohhhhh Please do not wear that kind. It's so GAY if you wear that unless you do not care about others ideas12. How do I stop from having silky hair?why..isnt that a good thing.. stop using conditioner!! ;)13. Ladies if your man switched from cotton Boxer briefs to women's silky bikini panties would you even notice or care?I would notice, obviously. I would not care what he dressed his nads in
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