Hair Pack for Healthy Hair

Dry damaged hair can take away the charm of your face. Here are a few tips to bring back the luster and shine to your hair.

If you are trying a number of remedies to get back your bouncy locks, just stop worrying. Here are some of the best hair packs for healthy hair. Apart from the regular hair care routine of oiling, massaging, shampooing, and conditioning, your hair needs some extra treatment.

A deep moisturizing hair pack can work wonders on your hair and help improve its texture. Within a few weeks you can see a noticeable improvement in the texture of your hair. To treat the damage caused by pollution, climate and harsh chemicals in hair products, natural hair packs work best.

To make this pack, you'll need ½ cup of olive oil and 2 eggs. Take the olive oil in a bowl. Break open two eggs in this bowl. Now, mix both the ingredients thoroughly. Keep stirring till they mix well.

Comb your hair and apply this mixture with a flat brush on your hair, section by section. Make sure you cover your hair with this mixture from roots to ends and from inside as well as the outer side. Once done, tie up hair and wrap a shower cap. Leave it for at least 45 minutes. Wash off your hair under a cold shower to remove this pack. Shampoo and condition as usual. If you are not going to step out for 1-2 days, you can skip shampooing your locks till then.

Take 1 egg, 1 lemon, and 1 cup of yogurt. Take a cup of yogurt and add an egg in it. Now, squeeze one lemon in this mixture. Mix it thoroughly before applying on your hair. Leave it for 45 minutes and wash off as mentioned above. This is an ultimate moisturizing hair pack for healthy and shiny hair. This hair pack will also help treat dandruff and scalp irritation problems.

Applying this hair pack might dry out your hair, so follow by an oil massage. Take natural henna in a large bowl and add ¼ cup of yogurt to it. Also, add tea water to this mixture. You can add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice for dandruff cure. Mix well and apply on your locks. Tie up and cover with a shower cap. Wash off after an hour with water. Next day massage your scalp and apply oil to entire length of hair. Now, wash off with shampoo, followed by use of a conditioner.

Banana is very effective in treating chemically damaged and extremely dry hair. You can simply take a ripe banana and almond oil to make a nourishing and revitalizing hair pack.

Mash the banana and add about 5-8 drops of almond oil in it. Now apply this on your hair and keep your hair tied up and covered with a shower cap for about an hour. Rinse hair with cold water, followed by a mild shampoo. Use a good quality moisturizing conditioner.

For healthy hair and strong roots, take ¼ cup of sour cream, lemon juice extracted from 2 lemons and ¼ cup of wheat germ oil. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and start applying on dry hair from root till the tips. After 30 minutes wash off with lukewarm water followed by shampooing and conditioning.

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