10 Ideas for Getting More Facebook Video Views and Engagement

Over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day.These stats were reported early last year so imagine how much larger the numbers are today as Facebook continued to grow and double down on videos.Now seems to be the perfect time to take a closer look at Facebook video and how to use videos to engage more fans on the platform.

With Facebook video being the top priority of marketers in 2017, wed love to help you get ahead of this rising trend. In this post, youll learn 17 actionable tips to increase the views, engagement, shares of your Facebook videos.1. Create square videosEarlier this year, we spent $1,500 to find out what makes videos successful on social media.

We found that square videos outperformed landscape videos in terms of average engagement, views, and reach, especially on mobile. And we arent the only oneto see these results.Herere a couple possible reasons:More than 92% of Facebook users use Facebook on their mobile every day.

Video consumption on mobile has increased 233% since 2013, and more than half of video views take place on mobile.Square videos take up 78% more real estate in the News Feed on mobile than on desktop.With more and more people viewing videos on mobile, itll be great to experiment with square videos to see if they improve your video performance. You might even want to consider creating vertical videos since Facebook is now showing larger previews for vertical videos in News Feed on mobile.We have been using Animoto to create simple, short videos and Adobe Premiereand After Effects for more professionally produced videos.2. Catch peoples attention within the first 3 secondsFacebook videos auto-play in order to captivate users attention and convince them to watch more.

As such, your Facebook video should have a powerful first few seconds that captivate your audience even without sound.BuzzFeed has become a master at this. Heres how theyve done it:Great thumbnails BuzzFeed uploads custom thumbnails that do a great job at capturing peoples attention while they scroll through their feed.Tease the video with a short post update: Sometimes its the title of the video itself (if that is compelling enough). Other times they tease what the video is about.Immediate start: BuzzFeed doesnt waste time in capturing peoples attention. In general, the first frame is already geared towards piquing someones interest.

Heres a recent example which has garnered more than 8.7 million views at the time of writing:How to uploading a custom thumbnailWhen you upload a video, you can select a thumbnail or add a custom thumbnail for your video.If you didnt upload a custom thumbnail for your existing Facebook videos, you can select Edit Post from the menu and a similar pop-up will appear.

3. Add captions to your videos85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.Even though Facebook now auto-plays videos on the mobile News Feed with sound, its unclear how many people watch videos with the sound on. Facebook users can disable the auto-play-with-sound feature, and videos will auto-play without sound if the mobile phone is on silent mode.

My hunch is that most Facebook users still watch videos without sound.If a viewer cant understand your video without the sound, you would likely lose that viewer and the opportunity to convey your message to her.To prevent that, you can add captions to your videos through Facebook. When you are uploading your video onto Facebook, theres an option to upload a SRT file of your captions. You can also add captions to existing Facebook videos by editing the video.(It seems that Facebook has been rolling out an auto-captioning feature so you might not have to do this manually soon.

)Alternatively, you can add text overlay to your videos using a video editing tool like Animoto. Colorful and to-the-point text overlays can make the video more appealing and engaging.Heres a great example by HubSpot:4. Focus on one key pointIf you want to make a shareable video, focus on one easy-to-understand point.

This is a tip from popular YouTube creators, Rhett Mclaughlin and Link Neal, in a video on creating shareable videos.Can we summarize what this video is all about in one sentence that is easily understood and also compelling in a way that people will want to share?The point is if you cant summarize it in one sentence, then its going to take someone longer to explain it when theyre trying to share it.If your video is easy to understand, viewers would be more likely to share it as it is easy for them to explain whats great about the video when sharing it.

Rhett and Link try to think from their audiences point-of-view on why they might share a video even before writing a script for the video. Why might your audience share your videos?According to Jonathan Perelman, former GM of Video & VP of Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed, there are five main reasons why people share videos:To be socialTo express how they are feeling about a particular topicTo show off, or humble-bragTo prove they were the first ones to find somethingTo make friends and colleagues laughDo your videos help your audience achieve any of these?5. Upload your videos natively (via Buffer!)Videos uploaded onto Facebook natively perform way better than links to YouTube or similar video platforms.

(Natively refers to videos that have been uploaded to a network directly and played straight in a feed, versus those that are uploaded elsewhere and shared as links, e.g. YouTube videos.)Quintly analyzed over 6 million Facebook posts in the period of July to December 2016 and found the following:The interaction rate for Facebook native videos were on average 109.67% higher than for YouTube videos.Facebook native videos had on average a 477.

76% higher share rate compared to Youtube videos.With Buffer, you can upload videos directly to your queue and post them natively on Facebook while still being able to take advantage of your optimal Buffer schedule.6. Give a preview of the video in your copyHeres another way to write your Facebook video copy: Briefly describe your video using your copy.

Taking the time to watch a video can be a time commitment. Sometimes, it can help to provide a little information about your video in your copy so that people can quickly decide if itd be worth their time to watch your video.Facebook recommends pulling out a key quote or moment from the video as the text component of your post in order to set up the expectations of what will be seen in the video.

An informative copy about the video, coupled with a relevant thumbnail, can be a great formula for attracting peoples attention as they scroll through their News Feed.Herere a couple examples:7. Use insights to understand video performanceFacebook provides metrics like minutes viewed, video views, and average watch time, which can provide great insights into which videos generated the most engagement with your viewers.You can see these metrics by clicking on any videos in the Videos tab of your Facebook Page Insights.

Some of the metrics I like to look at include:Video Average Watch Time: The graph will show you the point at which the audience dropped off. Looking at that point to understand what made people stop watching might help you in creating better content.10-Second Views: This is the number of people who have watched your video for 10 seconds (or to completion if your video is less than 10 seconds).

Post Engagement: This section will tell you the reach of your video and the engagement it has received.8. Go liveIf you want more people to watch your videos and see your Facebook posts, consider going live on Facebook.When Facebook launched Facebook Live, it tweaked its algorithm to rank live videos more favorably as live videos kept people engaged.

As a first step, we are making a small update to News Feed so that Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live. People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video thats no longer live.Social Media Examiner also found that the more they went live on Facebook, the more their non-live content received exposure. Michael Stelzner, CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner, hypothesized that as their brand is in front of their fans more often, the fans would go to their Page to see their content more even if the fans dont watch the live video.Heres another bonus: Facebook would automatically record your live video and publish it on your Facebook Page or profile after the broadcast ends.When we previously live-streamed our marketing strategy team meeting, the video generated more than 10,000 views on the first day. (We were surprised by it!)9. Feature a video on your PageFacebook allows you to feature a video in the Videos tab of your Page, which would auto-play. This can be a great way to showcase your best video to those who are interested in watching your videos.Heres how it looks like on our Page:If you have not selected a featured video, Facebook would prompt you to choose.

If you want to change your featured video, click on the pen icon in the upper-right corner and select Change Featured Video.10. Boost with Facebook adsFacebooks in-depth data on its users makes it a great platform for running ads to reach a larger audience with your video.You can use Facebook ads to promote your videos to a specified target audience. Lets say for example that you made a video about tables in Paris, France. Facebook will allow you to target people who have shown an interest in furniture and who live in Paris.Id love to show you the highlights of creating a video ad through the Facebook Ads Manager:Step 1: Select Video views as your marketing objective.

Step 2: Set your audience, ad placements, and budget.Step 3: Upload a video or select one from your Pages video library.Step 4: Craft your copy.Step 5: Add a CTA.A benefit of using video ads is that you can add a call-to-action (CTA) button on the video post. To do that, you have to tick the Add a website URL box and fill up the fields. The preview on the right is how the video ad will look like.Alternatively, you can boost any existing video by clicking on the Boost Post button on your video post.

If you prefer step-by-step instructions, you might like our complete guide to Facebook advertising.Over to youWhat has been your experience with Facebook videos? Do you have any additional tips and tricks that may help other readers with their Facebook video strategy?Id love it if you share them with me!If you like this post, you might also like these posts:The Simple Facebook Posting Strategy That Helped Us 3x Our Reach and EngagementIn October of 2016 we dramatically changed our Facebook posting strategy.medium.com14 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page EngagementPost Less, Boost Top Posts, and Moremedium.

comHow to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterManaging a social media strategy is consistently challenging for individuals and businesses of all sizes.medium.comThis post was originally written and published by Sandrine Sahakians on the Buffer blog and has been updated by Alfred Lua on June 1, 2017


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10 Ideas for Getting More Facebook Video Views and Engagement 1

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Selection of Energy Buffer Capacitor in Solar Inverter
Selection of Energy Buffer Capacitor in Solar Inverter
prefaceSolar inverter plays the role of interface between solar panel and main power grid. As shown in Figure 1, two power conversion processes will occur inside the solar inverter. A DC / DC converter controls the operating point of the solar panel to achieve maximum power output. The DC / AC converter transmits this part of power to the main power grid and implements various control rules set by the main power grid operator. The energy buffer absorbs the difference in power flow between the two converters. The success of this process depends largely on the capacitor you choose for the energy buffer. This paper introduces how to choose between thin film capacitor and aluminum capacitor, and the factors you need to consider when choosing one or other capacitors.Figure 1: block diagram of solar inverter: solar panel and U / I characteristics, DC / DC, energy buffer, DC / AC, main power gridPreliminary considerationsBy installing an energy buffer, you can separate the extraction of maximum power from solar panels from how to inject this energy into the main power transmission and distribution system. Moreover, doing so will reduce the complexity of the design.The size of the energy buffer is determined by how much energy needs to be stored. The amount of energy depends on the power level of the solar inverter and the time between the two processes of storing and releasing energy. For reference, if the time difference is less than 1 second, there is no problem using thin film capacitors or aluminum capacitors. If the time exceeds 1 second, you should consider using an electrochemical double-layer capacitor or battery pack. However, both technologies require the voltage of each battery cell to be between 1V and 4V. The voltage level required to connect to the main grid is higher, which requires several batteries to be connected in a string, so it is necessary to add electronic devices to maintain balance. Due to some special requirements of driving battery or electrochemical double-layer capacitor unit, this function is usually realized by an independent power electronic module. The detailed introduction of the module is beyond the scope of this paper.There are some restrictions on the use of thin film capacitors and aluminum capacitors, which will affect the service life and reliability of solar inverter. Therefore, you need to list in detail the changes under long-time working conditions. The important parameters are the device ambient temperature, working voltage, ripple current and duration. An example of a very simple working condition is given in Table 1.Table 1: simple examples of working conditionsBasic knowledge of capacitorThin film and aluminum capacitors are two kinds of capacitors evolved from parallel substrate capacitors. Figure 2 shows the basic structure of the two capacitors, marking the main differences.Figure 2: capacitor structure: parallel substrate, thin film capacitor, aluminum capacitor
Additional Jitter Calculation in Fan Out Buffer
Additional Jitter Calculation in Fan Out Buffer
If you work in the communications industry, you may be familiar with the impact of jitter on system performance. Jitter will not only reduce the performance of data converter, but also produce bit error in high-speed digital system. Intuitively, adding noise to the clock will increase the noise of other parts of the system. Therefore, I always try to minimize the overall jitter by selecting components that can bring the least additional jitter. As the name suggests, additional jitter is the noise added by components located between the clock source (such as synthesizer or oscillator) and the timer device. This additional noise can increase the uncertainty of the clock, resulting in increased jitter.In a practical system, a clock source drives multiple devices, so a clock buffer (commonly known as fan out buffer) can be used to copy the signal source to provide a higher excitation level.Lmk00304 fan out buffer is a good example. The additional jitter generated by the clock buffer mainly affects the broadband noise of the clock. It can be calculated using the root square formula shown in Figure 2.Figure 2. Additional jitter caused by the cascade of clock fan out buffers to the driverThe calculation method of additional jitter is to use the signal source (J1) to measure the overall comprehensive jitter, then add a buffer and make the same measurement at the output. But be careful,... If you use a traditional signal generator, the noise level of the clock may mislead you into thinking that the additional noise generated is insignificant.Good measurement technology can ensure that the noise of the signal source used in the measurement is far less than that of the measured device. For example, using a test device consisting of an Agilent e5052 signal source analyzer and a Wenzel 100 MHz oscillator with signal conditioning, we will measure a combined jitter of about 46 FS. By arranging a buffer behind the clock and making the same measurement, the overall comprehensive jitter of about 102 FS can be obtained. Calculate the additional jitter using the following formula:Our test device obtained an additional jitter of about 91 FS. If we change the clock source to high-quality signal generator and other components that may be installed on your workbench, the signal source jitter will rise to about 150fs. It's getting more and more interesting... And less conspicuous. If we put the same buffer behind the noise source and measure the overall comprehensive jitter again, the results will be roughly the same, which will make us think that the additional jitter can be ignored.Therefore, when comparing the product manuals of clock buffers from different manufacturers, you must check the parameter description (or call the application engineer) to understand how the jitter is measured. If the noise of the clock source is relatively high relative to the measured device, the jitter number may be misleading. You should also keep this in mind when measuring yourself, otherwise you may find that looking for additional jitter is completely wrong!
Detailed Overview of Buffer Buffer and Open Drain Gate Od Gate Composed of MOS Transistor
Detailed Overview of Buffer Buffer and Open Drain Gate Od Gate Composed of MOS Transistor
What can you get from this article?The buffer and open drain gate composed of MOS transistor are very important concepts of digital circuit. How to form them;Inverter, line and logic how to play, how to use it?According to the schematic diagram and truth table, apply typical circuits to fully understand the basic logic gates, and gates, or gates and NAND gates.What's the matter with semiconductor SS, TT, FF?1. As a hardware engineer, MOS logic circuit (and gate, or gate, not gate, etc.) must understand the chip; In order to understand the chip, various basic logic circuits composed of MOS tubes must be memorized, so that we can more skillfully understand the block diagram of the chip. Field effect transistors can form a variety of gate circuits through different combinations. As mentioned at the beginning, these most basic unit circuits may be the basis of modern IC. The following circuit forms exist in a large number of commonly used 74 series chips. The OD gate and buffer introduced later are common in the design of pins such as GPIO port of the chip.MOS tube constitutes the basic and gate, or gate circuit and gate, which can be composed of six tubes. The working diagram of and gate can be seen more clearly through the schematic diagram, and then the corresponding relationship between input and output can be seen from the truth table. In this paper, the corresponding circuit of and gate is given. If you are interested, you can think about the circuit structure of or gate. In fact, there is a corresponding relationship between them.2. Inverter the following figure shows the circuit diagram of the inverter. The input and output states are opposite, which is called inverter.Circuit analysis: the input VI is at low level, the upper tube is on, the lower tube is off, and the output is at high level; Input VI is high level, the upper tube is off, the lower tube is on, and the output is low level.NAND gate the following figure shows the circuit diagram of NAND gate. NAND gate means that the same is zero and the different is one.When inputs a and B are at low level, tubes 1 and 2 are on, tubes 3 and 4 are off, the voltage at terminal C is consistent with VDD, and the high level is output. When a inputs high level and B inputs low level, tubes 1 and 3 are on, tubes 2 and 4 are off, and the potential at terminal C is consistent with the drain of tube 1 to output high level. When a inputs low level and B inputs high level, 2 and 4 are turned on, 1 and 3 tubes are cut off, the potential at terminal C is consistent with the drain of tube 2, and the high level is output. When inputs a and B are at high level, tubes 1 and 2 are cut off, tubes 3 and 4 are turned on, the voltage at terminal C is consistent with the ground, and the output is at low level.4. Buffer CMOS buffer. The buffer is opposite to the inverter. The input and output of the buffer are the same, and the input and output of the inverter are opposite.Circuit analysis: the first stage Q1 and Q2 form an inverter; The later stages Q3 and Q4 constitute an inverter, which is equivalent to reversing the secondary phase, so it is restored again. 5. Open drain gate open drain gate is a very classic and commonly used circuit, which is often used in the design of GPIO port of main chip or GPIO port of single chip microcomputer. The most important point is that the open drain is in a high resistance state, and the pull-up resistor is required for general applications.[application of open drain gate - line and logic] z = z1z2z3"Line and" logic is because the output triodes of multiple logic units share a pull-up resistor. As long as one logic unit outputs a low level, that is, the collector (drain) is open and the output tube is connected, the low level is output; Only all units are cut off, and the output end is set to high level by the pull-up resistance. This is a very practical circuit, which can be used in circuit systems such as logic arbitration.Perhaps after working for a few years, I will generally feel that the diode triode circuit is very simple, which only shows that the research is not deep enough. Sometimes the simpler things are, the more complex the underlying things are. For example, from the perspective of technology, transistors are divided into TT, SS, FF and IC. The design can't get around these, and the foundation is not easy. Considering that it's more in-depth, I think I only learn the superficial.
Cold Room Doors
Cold Room Doors
Refrigeration doors and gates are important elements of the low-temperature warehouses and refrigerated chambers, whose construction is reduced due to thermal insulation and operating costs. Typically, the refrigeration gates are selected from a wide range of types and sizes still even during the process of structural design of the cold rooms. • ​greater reliability and durability of sliding doors − it is a very important requirement with intensive using; • ​absence the "dead zone" before entering − it is convenient in the confined spaces, corridors; • ​clamping device and seal. The door sealing is automatic under the weight of the door itself, due to the construction of the rail and the special pressure roller; • ​possibility of using for the large doorways. • doors of medium temperature mode (from 0 0С and above) for chambers and warehouses; • low-temperature doors for freezing chambers and warehouses (from -15 to-25 0С and below). • ​​Doors and gates with a doorway for the hanging rail used at meat processing plants and slaughter shops; • ​Hermetic sliding gates for a controlled atmosphere chamber, which is used mainly for storing fruits and vegetables. • ​It is convenient to use swinging doors for small doorways for a person's passage; • ​For large doorways and doors with the intensive operation − sliding ones; • ​Vertical one is better to use as a last resort, when it is not possible to install or operate other types of doors. • advantages or disadvantages of the design; Find supplier company or brand of refrigeration equipment on our online directory. The main purpose of doors for the cold rooms is the thermal insulation of the doorway through which the products are loaded and unloaded. Therefore, the construction, hardware of doors should not have the "thermal bridges", or reduce them to a minimum. The doors must withstand the temperature conditions and workload in the refrigerated chambers; so it is important, when choosing doors, select the right type of door and its technical characteristics: size, insulation thickness, etc.Depending on the operating conditions and carrying out the loading and unloading operations in refrigerated chambers and warehouses, the following are used:Swing doors are making single- or double-leafed, depended on the doorway size. As a rule, the single-leaf doors are used for a doorway up to 1.2 m; double-leafed ones are usually applied with larger dimensions. The door panel is fastened on two or more hinges, depending on the size (doorway height). The door is called "right" or "left", depending on the location of the hinges and opens to the corresponding side.of the hinged doors − ease installation and low price.The panel of sliding doors is moved on rollers along the guide (slide-rail). They can be done with the right or left roll backing (of opening). When the gate is closed, they "sit down" and tightly press under their weight and the actions of clamping rollers, by providing the good sealing of the gate. In addition to the manual opening, the automatic electric drives are used for the sliding gates that can be activated with console and, optionally, radar, photocells, magnetic loops, a remote control.In that version of the door its panel rises, which is convenient, when there is no free space to open the sliding gates. Such gates are usually used with an electric drive, since they are difficult to open manually.of the refrigeration vertical gates are:The hinged and sliding doors for refrigerated chambers differ in depending on the temperature regime:Thermal insulation thickness of refrigeration doors depends on the specific use and can range from 60 to 160 mm. The standard thickness for medium-temperature cold rooms is 60-80 mm, for low-temperature ones − 100-120 mm. In the chambers of shock freezing of products (-30-40С) and the warehouse complexes with large doorways, there must be the gates with a heat-insulating thickness of 140-160 mm. Low-temperature doors must be equipped with a built-in heat tracing cable to prevent the freezing of panel to the door frame. In addition, in low-temperature doors, the construction of the frame and handle may be differing due to the need to destroy the "thermal bridges", which can be neglected in the medium-temperature mode.Optionally, many manufacturers offer a door trim made of stainless steel, non-ferrous metal or metal with additional polymer coatings (PVC, polyester), or protect the fabric with buffer bumpers made of metal or plastic sheets. In addition, it is possible to equip the doors with the viewing windows, to complete with the different versions of handles, locks, pressure equalization valves, protect the opening area with the various types of special buffer bumpers. The doors of specific configuration are produced for special working conditions:The door for a concrete doorway is determined based on its dimensions, space limitations and operating conditions.can be differing in quality and price, which, naturally, are interrelated. The main factors affecting the quality of products:When choosing the doors contact the supplier about the construction of doors and the used fittings. If possible, consult with companies that have experience in operating the doors of this manufacturer.How to fix buffering videos?It is either your line speed or your RAM. Test your download speed at one of the many Internet Speed Test websites. Right click on the Task Bar (at the bottom of the screen) and select Start Task Manager. You should have Physical Memory at less than 70% and CPU usage less than 10%.
I'm a Huge 80s Video Game Buff. What Do You Think of the Name Metroid for a Girl?
I'm a Huge 80s Video Game Buff. What Do You Think of the Name Metroid for a Girl?
That would be a HUGE NO!!!1. I'm skinny but facially attractive, teenage girls usually make fun of me because I'm not buff, Will anyone like me?They are not teasing you because you are skinny. If you were buff, they would tease you for being buff.Teasing is complicated, but it's basically about them negotiating the terms of the relationship they want with you. So the key then becomes, how do you respond?I strongly suspect that at least one of the girls who is teasing you actually is attracted to you. The fun part is figuring out who that is, and what to do next2. How to buff out a couple scratches on aquarium?If its acrylic, then car wax can work.It needs to have a rubbing compound in it, which I think turtle wax does. There are quite a few home remedies for getting scratches out of acrylic tanks. You can also use very fine wet/dry sand paper depending on how bad the scratches are. Google removing scratches from acrylic tanks, and I am sure there are will be quite a few how to's out there. If its glass, you wont get them out. They can be professionally buffed out, but its very expensive.3. Is it be possible for a guy of slightly above average build and height with great boxing experience to knock out a tall buff man who has been in numerous street fights?It's POSSIBLE for anyone to knock out anyone...ESPECIALLY in a street fight with no rules, weight classes, referees, etc. ANYBODY can get put to sleep in a heartbeat.4. I need a good book on the civil war for a civil war buff. Any help?Wow. All the recommendations given by folks above are good ones...very good ones. I would add Carl Sandburg's "Abraham Lincoln-the Prarie Years and the War Years", best found on alibris. My view, it is comprehensive and definitive Lincoln. Not published within the last year, it was published over 130 years ago, by a great writer who interviewed people who knew Lincoln. One difficult aspect of your quest is that you described your friend as a "buff." If so, your friend may have several of the already recommended books. Best to find out from another source (a 'spy'?!?) which books the friend might already have.5. What is buff? Why is this word used so frequently?Multiple possible answers for that one. First thing that comes to mind for me is a muscular guy, but we say "he's buffed". It can also be a color that off white orwhat you do to your shoes to make them shine. No wonder English is so confusing!6. What's the most effective way(s) to buff summoned creatures' ability scores with spells?The problem with this question is the answer "it depends." I've done a lot of summoning work, my character Valgrim the Malconvoker and my Summonable Monsters List is cited a lot on 3.5e CharOp threads.There's a lot of options, it's the same as asking what spells you can use to buff any party member or ally. But what you need to do boils down into a couple areas regardless, and runs afoul of one key rule.You can not do what you are talking about past level 5Summonable monsters do not keep up with raw combat power after about SMIII, regardless of how much you buff them. At level 13,for example, you are using SMVI to summon CR8 creatures, while you are facing CR 15 creatures. They are just a speed bump, not a credible melee threat. A 4 to CON or a 1 to-hit makes exactly zero statistical difference once the differential grows that large. It just does not pay off. You have to go for things with special abilities, in which case the buffs you would use depend on the exact creature and special (to e. g. increase DCs), which in turn should depend on what you are facing (targeting low saves, etc.). If you are fighting giants you try to get something that targets Reflex saves and then you buff whatever stat improves that special for that summon.Smarter opponents ignore summons. They know what they are and they would rather maneuver around them to get at you instead of meleeing with them. So any buff that makes them bigger, to take up more raw squares, or forces creatures to fight them (few and far between), help. Summoning an Ankylosaurus with SMV means you have a Huge wall of hit points between you and the enemy. Of course unless you are careful with positioning it's easy for one to soak the AoO and the rest to just run/Acrobatics past. Using grapplers like the kyton and octopus and buffing the grapple can help. Dumb opponents, maybe you can swarm with more lower level creatures, but even they tend to stop chomping on non-threats if someone else pours damage into them.So in conclusion - there are no optimal buffs for combat summons, because that's not an optimal path. At low levels use whatever you would use on everyone else in your party, mage armor, magic fang, bull's strength, etc., capping out with haste. At higher levels, you are looking at blockers at best front-line wise, you are better off summoning a shadow demon to possess one of those enemy giants than trying to summon critters to fight them
Think Green Collection: Editors Choice  10 Best Images
Think Green Collection: Editors Choice 10 Best Images
Today weve chosen Pixabay 10 best green color images. Enjoy the green choice of our team.Green is the color of nature. It is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money.There lots of shades of green, natural and man-made. Check them all in our collection!Image by ju1959jjjGreen is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises. Pedro Calderon de la Barca Image by SkitterphotoI just need green. I need to wake up and see grass and squirrels. I dont want to see skyscrapers. Andre Leon Talley Image by cegohI always say that candy is the perfect studio food it keeps your energy going. Nick Cannon Image by jeonsangoI believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars. Walt Whitman Image by Free-PhotosIf there is a future, it will be Green. Petra Kelly Image by cocoparisienneDont be a fish; be a frog. Swim in the water and jump when you hit ground. Kim Young-ha Image by ulleoColorless green ideas sleep furiously. Noam Chomsky Image by jplenioFor in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver. Martin Luther Image by NietjuhWhen youre green, your growing. Ray Kroc Image by SkitterphotoNo object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye. Elizabeth Bowen All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required·RELATED QUESTIONI painted my bedroom a dark teal color and need some suggestions on color of bed set or accent colors?Turquoise or white would look great with teal
Where Can I Find Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in China?
Where Can I Find Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in China?
This article was originally published on the Sourcing Allies blog“What kind of materials can be used in plastic injection molding?”‍PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDINGWhat is the plastic injection molding process?This process is similar to that of metal die casting. In this process, molten plastic is injected into a die under pressure and held until it cools. Once it becomes solid, the die is opened and the plastic casting is taken out. Plastic injection molding is an extremely versatile, precise, fast and inexpensive method of mass producing plastic products.What materials can be used?This process mainly uses both thermoplastics and thermoset plastics, each of which have their own advantages and limitations. The primary difference between the two is that thermoplastics can be melted back into liquid form or recycled while thermoset plastics cannot.ThermoplasticsPros: Recyclable, cost efficient (because waste during manufacturing process can be reused), increased impact resistance because of flexibility.Cons: Lower heat and chemical resistance (they degrade faster.)ThermosetPros: Higher chemical and thermal resistance and higher mechanical strength and dimensional stability.Cons: Cannot be recycled, lower impact resistance. Also, thermoset plastics are more difficult to work with so you might find it difficult to find suppliers for them.What will I need in terms of design input?We must have 3D files in STEP or IGES formats.Where in China can you find plastic injection molding factories?Depending on what kind of plastic you want to use for your product, these suppliers can be found all around China. Different factories have different quality levels and expertise.How much does tooling cost?It can cost from a few thousand dollars for simple tooling to hundreds of thousands for more complex multi-cavity tools.How long does tooling last?It depends on the material, but most likely 200,000 pieces is not a problem.What is the average lead time for tooling?15 days to three months depending on complexity.Do plastic injection molding products or their tooling need any final finishes?It is not unusual for injected parts to need final machining. This may also include addition of inserts (that can also be inserted during casting) or threads cutting. Final surface finishes may also be needed such as powder coating or paint application. Sometimes, under some circumstances the tool itself may need a special surface texture added, which will imprint on the final injected parts.What are the pros and cons of plastic injection molding?Pros:Consistent measurements.Quick production rate.Low cost per unit.Good surface finish.Products can often be recyclable.Manufacturing process can be quite cheap because scrap can be recycled/reused.ConsTooling cost.Warpage and shrinkage.Some thermosetting plastics or rubbers cannot be recycled.Recycled material will not give as good performance as new material.What are the known challenges of the plastic injection molding process?Some suppliers will use recycled material without telling you. Material type used is critical if you are looking for specific physical properties or performance. Additionally, shrinkage can be problematic across larger surface areas.Sourcing Allies is a team of expert China sourcing agents that has helped western customers manufacture and source products from low-cost regions since 2006.For more on plastic injection molding visit our website or write to us at info@sourcingallies.com.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some good skin whitening masks?Skin color is not a determiner of someone’s beauty. Having white skin does not mean you are beautiful. On the other hand, you can be an attractive guy with brown or black skin.Let's come to your question. We can't change our skin color through whitening. But we can lighten our skin to increase the glow. There are so many reasons by which we lose our actual skin tone like sunburn, pollution, and chemicals used in cosmetics. Here are some of the Natural face masks that will help you return your actual complexion.1. Turmeric Mask2. Tomato Mask3. Lentil Scrub4. Kiwi Mask5. Potato Mask6. Changing Eating habits.These are the most effective lightening masks for the face. To know more detail about these face masks, I would suggest checking out this resource:Top 10 Face Masks for Skin Lightening.Thanks!.
How to Curl Your Hair Like This?
How to Curl Your Hair Like This?
how to curl your hair like this?To get curls like that you use a curling wand. Almost like an iron but without a clamp and it gets smaller at the bottom. To get bigger curls, you use a thicker wand. To get them not so tight and loose like the picture, you only hold your hair on the wand for 3-4 seconds (different depending on if your hair is fine, curly etc). But you can mess around and look up a tutorial on youtube (there's tons). Good luck!— — — — — —shouldnt blowdrying your hair make it dry?Yes, but it depends on what type of hair you have some people have oily hair but you can not really see the oil unless they blow dry or straighten it, and some people put hair lotions in there hair before the videos or its just left over hair lotions from past days. Other then that yes it does dry your hair blow drying it is not as worse as straightening your hair straightening your hair is cause lots of DAMAGE especially if you do not use heat protection hair sprays/lotions— — — — — —Is your hair long or short???my hair is:: long curly/wavy thick (too thick) natural blond, but i added a little shade hair down with a headband— — — — — —What is better for your hair?I would trim it first (your ends) and then use a flat iron because the blow drier is actaully more damaging because you go over the same spot a lot which is more damaging then one run with a flat iron— — — — — —is TRESemme bad for your hair?Umm, all shampoos are somewhat like a detergant. The trick is you need to put conditioner in your hair after yiu shampoo so you do not look like an afro puff coming out the shower. That's your problem. When you are rinsing out the conditioner, you need to use a brush and brush your hair at the same time while your rinsing the conditioner out. It also depends on your hair texture too and whether or not your hair can handle certain shampoos and conditioners— — — — — —Is dying your hair twice bad?death it to the black is bigger than going decrease back over it with blonde- so jointly because it could make your hair particularly comfortable, it wo not completely fry it or something. omit it after with some deep conditioning remedies— — — — — —How to get your hair grow?Nothing really makes your hair grow faster. On average, hair grows 1/2 per month, which is 6 inches per year— — — — — —what do you die your hair with?Great revelation huh?— — — — — —What REALLY helps your hair grow ?????I understand cutting your hair in anger, i have done it a number of times, and then cried about it for weeks. I take a vitamin that is called Biotin. It is s high-potency B-Vitamin. I had one of my hair stylists tell me about them, and they really do help. You probably wo not notice it much the first month seeing as how it must get into your system but back in the middle of January i had highlights put in my hair and by the end of feburary the roots had grown out an 1 1/2. No joke. So try them and see if they work for you. You can get them at any place that sell vitamins but i usually get mine from GNC, they might cost a little more but they are better for the buy. I would suggest at the least taking 2500 mcg a day. Good luck!.— — — — — —If you put gel in your hair everyday does it ruin your hair?Eventually it will, it is a chemical. I used to use gel and hairspray all the time and my hair was rough and nasty. I have not used any of that in a couple years and my hair is beautiful now— — — — — —How to deep condition your hair?Here is a simple organic inexpensive recipe I use: 1. Crack a raw egg into a small bowl. 2. Add 2 tbsp, of olive oil as well 3. Blend the two together with a fork for about 1 minute. 4. Massage treatment into your scalp and saturate your hair with the mixture. 5.Place a plastic shower cap on your hair for 15 minutes 6. Rinse in cool water thoroughly (Do not use Hot water) Deep conditioners add protein to repair your hair, Eggs are a rich source of protein that works well.
What Is Preventing the Solar Energy and Other Renewables to Replace the Oil?
What Is Preventing the Solar Energy and Other Renewables to Replace the Oil?
Solar energy and other renewables do not return the energy invested compared with fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are also portable-they have lots of energy and they can be transported. Not true of solar or wind, which are site specific and have to be part of an electrical grid. There's also the fact that the oil and coal still sitting underground is worth trillions to the oil companies, and the people who run those companies get rich from the status quo1. what is the most common and renewable energy sources?solar energy or w can use water as hydropowr2. Do solar energy panels for your home make sense?I looked into it once, just for the hell of it. I assumed the sun would shine 12 hours every day, which it does not in this part of the world.I assumed no maintenance cost. The pay-back was about 20 years.In all the companies I have worked for, if the pay-back on a project is over 4 years, it has no chance. The payback depends on the cost of electricity from the local supplier, the maintenance cost, the amount and intensity of sunlight and the installed cost of panels. This is all constantly changing. As the situation stands now, I would rather invest my money in lottery tickets or better still buy good stocks.3. What kind of fuel is the most used one for generating energy?We rely mainly on coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, and petroleum power and a small amount from solar energy, tidal harnesses, wind generators, and geothermal sources. 80% of the world's energy consumption is in fossil fuels -- coal, oil and natural gas. Coal is still "king" right now at almost 50% of the US energy needs. Oil is a modest second. .4. How much do you know about solar energy?enough to know it's not the way to go for the future. I also know enough not to count wikipedia as a reliable resource. I firmly believe that nuclear is going to be the common source of power in the future.5. How is solar energy stored for later use?I have a solar panel system installed by a team called cotterill civils from birmingham, the midlands. If you need understand more about it, i would see there site as it has an informational6. Solar Energy | Save & Learn More with ChooseEnergy®The United States is on track to top 3 million solar PV installations this year, adding 1 million photovoltaic panels in just two years, according to a study by Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables and the Solar Energy Industries Association. The number will exceed 4 million in 2023, the study says. It took more than 40 years for the first million installations. "The rapid growth in the solar industry has completely reshaped the energy conversation in this country," said Abigail Ross Hopper, SEIA president and CEO, in a press release announcing the study. The 2.7 million solar systems installed through September 2020 have the capacity to generate nearly 89 gigawatts of electricity. The solar industry employs about 250,000 Americans, the SEIA says. The expansion of solar is part of a growing movement toward renewable energy. Green energy made up 22.5 percent of all electricity generated in the country in 2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Solar energy was responsible for about 14.7 percent of the green energy generated.7. can solar energy generate electricity in a home alone? what is needed?.?Adequate #of Solar Panels Adequate #of Storage Batteries Battery Charge Controller System load management Controller Mounting and wiring equipment Gas or Diesel Generator (Properly sized) I would figure on spending around $30,000-$40,000 for a decent system. This system will not give you air conditioning or heat, but will probably be adequate for a small homes other electrical, with some inconveniences at times. There are many companies offering these on the Internet. Some of them have forms and calculations for sizing all the equipment based on your location. You are not in a very good area because of a lot of rain, so diesel will need to run a lot. The most important thing in sizing system is to be accurate in listing ALL appliances electrical loads you have and how many hours/day they operate.
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